Why Stair Railings are Not Just Functional

If you look upon the stair railings in your home as simply something to hold on to as you go from one level to another, you are missing a lot. Stair railings can add a lot to the look of a home and reflect your personal taste in decorating. Stair railings made of wood, metal or other materials are available that are easy to install and will add a great deal of value to your home. Don’t forget that the stair railing is the first thing people see when they enter your home. If you are going to install a new stair railing in your home, seek the advice of a professional who can advise you as to the best choices in materials, design and types of construction.

For a choice that will always be in style, wood stair railings are usually the way to go. Wood stair railings are classic and have been used for many years and are still popular today, even with the choice of other materials that are available. There are unique designs available in wood and wood is one of the easiest materials to work with. Oak railings, for example, have a lovely reddish tinge and visible knots that add to the character of the railing. A beautiful oak wood balustrade overlooking a room will truly be memorable. Matching the color of the railing to the floor will lend a smooth, unbroken line to the area, but sometimes that may not be easy to do, Trying to match the all of the wood aspects of a room, such as the flooring, stairs, handrails, trim and balustrade is not an easy task. The most visible and noticeable part of a railing is the handrail, and it is also the part with the most important function: to steady people and to hold up the balustrade. These are important elements to consider in the design of the stair railing. The soft glow of wood railings offer charm and grace to a home and add a finishing touch to the beauty of the home while, of course, adding to the value. Strong, durable wood is a material for stair railings that will never go out of style. Traditional buildings, such as libraries, office buildings or houses and commercial edifices built in the traditional style usually have oak wood railings. It is preferred because it adds elegance and warmth to whatever area it is in.

Today, many people opt for metal railings, and this style goes well with certain decorating, especially since there are so many styles with decorative options to choose from. You will find metal railings in many luxury residences because of the elegance they can add to a home. They are especially prevalent in commercial spaces since they offer the same design and safety features as wood, but can be much more functional. The almost limitless design features available in metal railings make them right for almost any environment. Metal railings, of course, have to be installed by a specialist in that material. Make sure you hire a craftman who works in metal, because this in not an easy material to work with.

An expert will be necessary for any stair railings you want, because of the important steps that have to be considered in building a rail; the safety of a railing is paramount. The height of the stairway, the proper number of steps and the height of the rise are all very critical to both the safety and beauty of the stair. With the proper guidance of an expert, you can use your imagination and creativity in designing a beautiful staircase, especially since you have today’s modern assortment of designs to choose from. Just let your inner artist guide the way.