Why the Foam Gutter Guards Are Not Considered the Best Gutter Guards

You might be slightly confused when you have to choose gutter guards for your home. Most homeowners choose the most convenient option and are usually more than happy with their choice, at least initially. It will not be a mistake to say that the foam models are the favorite choice of many. However, most home building experts agree that they are definitely not the best gutter guards you can install.

The foam gutter guards have two main advantages that no one can deny. They are extremely affordably priced. In fact, they are the cheapest products of this type available on the market. Their second advantage makes them even more popular with home owners. The foam gutter guards are the easiest to install. You simply need to take the piece of foam and insert it inside the channel. There is no drilling of holes and adjustment of brackets. The foam models seem to be the perfect choice for every DIY fan on a budget. However, the disadvantages of these protective fillers are much more.

It is true that the foam models have a relatively good water flow rate. They also prevent even the tiniest debris from entering the channel. However, these protective fillers are not self-clearing. Quite the opposite, the leaves tend to stick to the foam surface as it gets wet. Another problem, which is more serious, is that the smaller debris, such as tree seeds and pine needles can actually clog the top layer of the foam guard. You will need to clean the filler regularly to avoid such problems. This makes its use quite inconvenient. It is true that it is harder to actually clean the gutter, but having to clean the guard is almost equally unpleasant, dangerous and time consuming.

The foam gutter guards are not particularly durable. This is another serious problem you should consider. The foam can get easily damaged by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. This means that it might require regular replacement. Moreover, the foam acts like a sponge and can stay wet for a long time. This environment stimulates the formation of mold and rust that can damage the foam as well as the gutter.

It is not surprising that the foam gutter guards are not considered to be the best ones available at present. They have advantages, but their flaws are more. You can consider getting such a model for your home, if you want a fast cheap solution, but you will have to look for a better cover at one point.