Why The Justice System is Broken

Do lawyers lie in the courtroom and distort justice? All the time, every day. Do all lawyers lie and distort justice? No. But in 20 years of practicing law in courtrooms throughout Washington State and in the military justice system, I saw so many cases of lawyers lying and distorting justice, I literally can not say how many times it happened, but it was in the 100's. Perhaps it was more than a 1,000 times.

How do lawyers lie and distort justice? In many ways, starting with the first threat letter. Here are the ways lawyers lie and distort justice in America:

  1. By sending good, honest citizens threatening letters full of false accusations and misstatements of fact;
  2. By conducting harassment operations against good people with numerous threats, including letters and other legal actions;
  3. By causing innocent citizens threatening stress and anxiety with false accusations, forcing them to retain their own attorney at great unnecessary expense;
  4. By creating havoc in neighborhoods and in communities by representing clients who use lies and intimidation to get what they want;
  5. By coercing good people through depositions, in which bold and insulting lies are promoted and false accusations made, all of which are very disturbing to a normal person;
  6. By using other means of discovery (interrogatories, motions, repeated depositions, numerous court hearings) to intimidate people, to cause them stress, and to make their defense too costly to pursue;
  7. By lying in speeches and at trial, aggressively presenting false evidence as fact to sentences and sentences;
  8. By complying with the bar association code of ethics by "zealously representing" their clients, although truth is not relevant nor required;
  9. By playing games with the rules of evidence, and even using them properly, to intentional distort the facts, distort the law, or both; and
  10. By manipulating clients, judges, and sentences to promote their clients' lies.

If you doubt that these things are true, ask any good, honest human being who has been raped by the justice system in a long and expensive legal battle, and they will give you a strong affirmation.

It is a great tragedy that the legal system and the bar associations do nothing to discourage such gross misbehavior. It is also a tragedy that judges do not hold lawyers accountable in the courtroom for their lies. I have personally observed many courtroom hears and trials where it was obvious one of the lawyers was bold-faced lying, and judges simply ignored the obvious and pretended everyone was doing their job, while justice was being manipulated and distorted. Of course, judges will typically argue they do not know who is lying. That's the easy way out, is not it? Who's in control of the courtroom anyway?

Are there good and honest lawyers? Yes, but many lawyers we know to be good still practice such things. Are there lawyers who do not lie and only practice what is good and just? Yes, but they are few and far between. This article is not about good lawyers, but about liars who destroy our justice system.

No wonder the legal profession has such a terrible reputation! No wonder our justice system is so far off course, and no wonder truth is completely irrelevant in court hearings or trials these days. We have renamed so many concepts and issues with modern day euphemisms, sometimes we should also rename our justice system and call it the "injustice system." At least that would be much more accurate, and is not accuracy and truth still a little relevant somewhere in these United States?