Why Use a Retractable Baby Gate?

Retractable baby gates are probably the least commonly purchased and used gates which is surprising considering the huge benefits of using them.

Not only do they provide the safety aspect to your child or children that all parents look for when buying baby safety gates, but there are some really great benefits to them too.

Here are some of these great benefits:

  1. They will fit narrow to wider door openings – this is great since houses are all built so differently. Older houses tend to have narrower doorways and newer ones and staircases usually require a wider baby gate.
  2. Retractable baby gates work in hallways, doorways and stairs – this is a great feature as you only need to buy one brand and it will work all over the place.
  3. The actual gate that is pulled across the space is made from sturdy and durable mesh – this is what keeps the little one from getting where they want to go. Babies and toddlers can be very creative getting through spaces but this mesh is strong so it prevents being pulled on, picked at and chewed.
  4. One of the best features of retractable safety gates is that when they are not in use, they are tucked out of the way. Out of the way means it can’t be tripped on, fall down or stepped on, all issues with a regular pressure mounted baby safety gates when not in use.
  5. Space efficient – many of us are trying to decrease our housing footprint to be more eco- friendly. Downsizing means less space and the need for efficient uses of the space available. Since retractable baby gates can be tucked away when not needed this is a great use of very little area.
  6. No tripping hazard – a less efficient pressure mounted baby safety gate can be easily tripped over. Many adults will try to climb over the gate instead of releasing the pressure to remove the gate. It is usually because someone is in a rush and often, they fall flat on the floor. Ouch! The retractable baby gate can be opened and closed with one hand, preventing the possible injuries from trying to step over it.
  7. Can be used indoors and outdoors – wonderful in the summertime.
  8. Easily installed – retractable safety gates come with mounting templates and fittings as they are mounted on a wall or another sturdy place like a stair bannister or wall mounted bookcase. The wall mounting, while it takes time at the beginning to set up, makes for much better baby protection.
  9. Many gates will come with an extra set of mounting brackets so the gate can be moved easily. If the retractable gate you buy doesn’t come with an additional mounting bracket, you should spend the extra money and get one – it will make your life a bit easier.
  10. Some of the mesh gates have UV protection so when you are using the gate outside or in a sunny spot inside the house, the UV rays will not have a degenerative effect on the mesh. Before you buy your gate you can check for this feature.

Baby safety gates are a necessity when kids are around so no matter which type of gate you choose to buy to protect your children. Both retractable and pressure mounted baby gates will work to keep your precious little ones safe. Most falls are preventable and by having baby gates set up in hallways, doorways or stairs, you have done a lot to keep your kids protected from a nasty fall and give yourself some peace of mind. For more information on retractable baby gates try Shopbabysafetygates.com