Why Use Hand Barrier Cream?

Barrier creams must always be applied wherever your occupation is at extreme risk of irritant contact dermatitis, and this feature will consider three crucial points why to use it. Firstly we will take a look at what possible risks are involved to your health, i.e. the health issues that you can be affected by. Also we will look at the more common occupations that can be at risk of infection, and lastly how utilizing a barrier cream can help look after your health.

OK the 1st major issue of concern we will run over is to take into consideration the risks involved when not using enough skin care, and that’s – Irritant Contact Dermatitis. Whenever you’re employed in conditions that can be affected by irritants, along the likes of chemicals, then its possible you can be at significant danger with irritant contact dermatitis.

Irritant contact dermatitis can sometimes be a pressingly distressing ordeal, plus in the United kingdom alone, some 100,000 people may lose time away from business every year, because of this type of dermatitis. One of the 1st conditions to be evident is a red rash on the hand, and can generally appear within a few hours from coming into contact with the irritant. This can result into red patches forming that could become extremely itchy, followed by puffiness, and in the worst case scenario blisters can develop which can bleed while only drying the hands using a towel. The use of barrier creams may considerably decrease the possibility from contamination.

So now we can discuss a few jobs which are possibly at greatest risk of irritant contact dermatitis. Hair stylist can be at high risk, and the catering trade, cleaners, bar staff and the nursing profession, due to the amount of contact they have with water.

Additional occupations at extreme risk is engineering machinists who work in an environment with metal cutting fluids; which include surfactants which could cause a problem with infection. Plus people occupied within the construction trade are at risk specifically those occupied in concrete. Irritant contact dermatitis accounts for approximately eighty per cent of contact dermatitis cases, in any case, irritant contact dermatitis is not contagious.

Even the horticulture trade may be at risk taking into account the various chemicals etc. which they employ. Within all of the above cases a good non soluble barrier cream is appropriate.

OK to what degree does using barrier cream help look after you? Well, the principal use of hand barrier creams is protecting whats known as the corneal layer and that is the external element of the skin. Then on top of the corneal layer sits a hydro lipid film, and this forms an important protection for our skin.

The corneal layer comprises many layers of dead skin cells; and are consistently being replaced by fresh skin cells from within the deeper layers. Your corneal layer almost measures 0.1 of a millimeter, and this is thinner than a standard piece of paper. And these skin cells are gripped together by a greasy, fatty substance referred to as as lipids; this holds all of the cells together as bricks are held together by building mortar.

So now it’s easy to understand that our skin can be seen as fragile, requiring an acceptable amount of care which could be provided by employing a quality hand barrier cream.

In conclusion let’s summarize what we have observed in this article, first of all we covered the risks associated with inadequate care. This could be irritant contact dermatitis; this problem isn’t contagious, just the same it can occur in only a few hrs of contact with contaminants.

Then we discussed some jobs at risk to irritant contact dermatitis, also lastly we looked at how utilizing hand barrier cream may help further look after your hands from irritants or chemicals, and therefore maintain it’s health and in excellent appearance.