Why Use RSS Feeds?

Why use RSS feeds when it is so difficult to understand and use in websites? RSS feeds are "links" that are alive when placed on your website. Every time a visitor views your webpage, the feed code shows the latest, newest and freshest information retrieved and saved from the source of the RSS feed. Also read about how you can submit your website content using this technology to increase traffic to your website.


RSS makes website building easy. Say for instance that you have created a website or web page where you want to display the latest news about your town. Instead of checking the news sites every day for fresh news about your home town, and then having to update your website or page with that news, you now can make use of RSS to free up your daily chores. All you need is to add a small rss feed link to your website or page and it will automatically fetch the latest related news and display it for your website visitors.

Implementing this technology is not that difficult to achieve as it was in the past. Since more and more people wanted to have websites with fresh news without having to keep working at it all the time, RSS tools were developed to make it easy for them. All you have to do is add the sites where you want your news to be taken from, and these tools will then provide you with the RSS code to put on your website.


These sites take the live feeds you want and and convert them into Java Script code which you can then insert into your website code. Java Script is not search engine friendly – people can see it but search engines not.

  1. If the search engines can not see what your page content is showing, they can not provide you with the best possible ranking in the search engines.
  2. If you are using monetization code to display advertising on your website relevant to the content of your site, you may also find that your ads are not that relevant and therefor not optimized for the best possible conversion.
  3. Free syndication services may cease to exist. If you want to setup a site for keeps you may want to look at a paid service that have support and sustainability.

Is it not exciting now that you realize that using RSS feeds on your website is not difficult anymore and to know how to use RSS (by using RSS tools and online services)? You now also know that it is not always wise to use free RSS feeds and to make sure that the service you decide to use, is a permanent and viable service.

We also discussed that we should rather not use Java Script feeds but rather alternative search engine readable code. Using html or php code instead will help in getting more traffic, but there is a much better way to get more traffic using this amazing technology.


If your website content is requested through a RSS service or Software Tool by someone who would like your latest website content showing up on their websites, it would be great for your website. People reading your content on other people's websites, may click through to your website and become your website visitor!

Having your website content syndicated to other websites through your website's feed, may make you website content spread much wider than you could have imagined. All those websites linking back to your website, should also benefit your website's position in the search engines.

Increase your website's area of ​​influence by submitting your RSS feeds to RSS feed submission directories. Adding great content to your website as often possible also helps as people tend to share more content online than ever before. If your content is good, people may place your feed link into the websites services they use every day, and that way they will see all your website updates automatically.


Now you know that you can setup websites that display the latest content on any topic without real effort and you also discovered that you can use this new technology to increase the exposure of your website and to receive much more traffic from all over the web.