Why We Need to Find Alternative Fuel Sources

Like any other perishable commodities on the Earth, fossil fuels also have a limited life span. You use them without thinking today, but one day all the fossil fuels will be depleted. Experts have already set a date when this planet will have no fuel left to run cars. Without fossil fuels, owning a Lamborghini, Jaguar or a Mercedes will not matter. Considering this it becomes important to iron out all glitches on alternative fuels arrangements that have been invented over the years.

In anticipation of the day when natural fuels will perish, other sources have been found but their full potential is yet to be tapped. These alternative fuels when used can prove to relieve the worries of the entire global community and also be easier on the pocket unlike fossil fuels. There may have to be minor re-arrangements made to our machines but it will prove to be an advantage in the long run. Some of the options already in use are:


Biodiesel also know as green fuel is extracted from vegetable oils and animal fats. Soybean oil is the most widely used oil for extraction as any by-products can also be effectively used and the items used are very much cost-effective. A blend of biodiesel and petroleum in the right quantities can be used to power your diesel engine with and without modifications to it. Biodiesel is an excellent contender for alternative fuels.


Ethanol is produced from sugar and crops like barley, wheat and corn. It can become an ideal source of energy because it is produced from wood by-products and biomass, the stuff which is normally not thought to be useful. A blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline is commonly used to run Flexible Fuel Vehicles. This blend which is called E85 is odorless and helps to lengthen the engine life.

Solar Power

Solar power can be harvested using solar cells. Solar cells convert this energy into electricity. Solar panels can also be used to power machines. Although these can prove to be a great source of alternative fuels, they are far from perfect. The abundant power of the sun needs to be tapped properly to get an ideal alternative for fossil fuels.

Wind Power

Wind turbines can convert the tremendous power of wind into electricity. This electricity can be used to power a number of homes. Wind power is inching its way up to be considered the number one source after fossil fuels. It is clean and freely available to anyone who is able to harvest it.


There are also a few other options available which can be considered to be alternate fuels. With so many choices it is possible to reduce the dependency of the global community on gasoline. These can be produce internally by any country with the raw materials to do it at-hand. It can be used without worrying about the sky-rocketing costs and how the by-products might be affecting the climate causing global warming.