Why You Need A Custom Fitted Vehicle Cover

A custom fitted cover offers the best protection for any automobile. Such canopies come with side mirror pockets which ensures that a cover fits snugly over the vehicle's body. The awning stays in place without slipping off or flapping in the wind.

A custom fitted canopy offers protection against various elements. One of the most harmful agents on a car's bodywork is moisture. Some canopies offer four layers of protection which resist water penetration to keep off acid rain, hail, sleet, snow, and road salt.

Dirt, pollutants, and aerial grit can all damage a vehicles finish. A high quality cover prevents the paint finish from aging quickly due to exposure to these agents. It also shields the body from bird poop, squirrels, and other small animals which may leave marks.

Just as your skin needs sunscreen to protect it from solar rays, your vehicle's finish also needs to be shielded. Even the best paint jobs will deteriorate if left exposed to the sun for too long. Although regular waxing may help, your finish will be under constant attack in between. It's therefore good to cover your car when parking it outdoors.

A canopy also offers protection from damage that may be inflated due to small impacts. Such include instances when someone bangs their car door against yours or when someone sits on the body and scratches it in the process. Such small impacts may substantially damage an automobile's bodywork over a long time.

An awning also keeps the vehicle out of view from prying eyes. You may have noticed strangers peeking into your interior when you're not near. Some of these people may be smash-and-grab thieves looking for stuff to steal. A canopy keeps such snooping eyes away. If they can not see what's inside your car, they'll be illegally to strike.

Before buying a canopy, there are several factors you'll have to consider. First of these is the weather conditions your vehicle will be exposed to. If you live in an area with heavy precipitation, you'll need a canopy made of waterproof fabric. Acid rain is yet another consideration. If you live in a city where acid rain falls regularly, your canopy should be able to resist the water and contaminants as well. People living in sunny areas need canopies that offer sufficient protection against UV radiation. Beyond weather, other things that a car cover will offer protection against include pollen, bird droppings, leaves, tree sap, and abrasive grit.