Why You Need a Lawn Trenching Tool

A lawn trenching tool is a heavy duty piece of equipment for an edger. It has an angled edge and a step plate that leaves you with a professional looking lawn edge. It is really easy to use with an 8 inch edge for use with the edges of sidewalks, driveways, walkways and even plants. The tool itself is 33 inches long and is built of solid construction so that it will last you a long time. You can also get larger trenching tools at 13 inches.

If you have this type of tool for trenching your lawn, you have the perfect tool for digging the trench you need for installing electrical wires, materials for the edge of the lawn and water pipes. The angle head design of the tool will easily cut through sod and hard packed soil. This is a lot easier than trying to dig with a shovel or spade. The extra large footplate makes it easy to use the tool and gives you more leverage.

It is the perfect addition to your lawn tools because it won’t do any harm to your lawn. After you install any wires or pipes, you can just refill the trench with the dirt and there won’t be any sign that you disturbed the turf. In addition to creating perfect edges around the lawn, this tool is great for scraping ice and snow from the edge of the driveway. At a suggested retail price of about $37 US, it is one lawn tool you can’t afford to be without.