Why You Need Fireproof Safes?

One of the best investments you can make for your home or business is the purchase of a  fireproof  safe. The purchase will save you money since you will not have to pay for safety deposit box at the bank or waste time travelling to the bank.

You can use the safe to store passports, social security cards, jewelry and important documents like you vehicle’s title. You can get a safe in many different sizes, shapes and colors, you can get a light one that weighs as little as 14 pounds or one that is over 100 pounds.

If you just want to store cash or small items or you just need a coin box for an event you can get by with just a small box. If you are thinking about storing documents, jewelry and other items, you might need a slightly larger box. When you are buying a safe you need to consider what size and weight you need and how convenient it is to use. Some safes are easier to use than others.

This might seem like a bonus but it also means that if the safe is stolen, it can also be easily opened. The safe should be hard to open so that even if it does get stolen it can’t be broken into. You will also want a safe that is fire and water proof, not simply resistant. If you have a fire, water will be used to put it out, so your safe should be able to withstand both.

Large safes have an anchoring hole that allows it to be bolted to the wall or floor so it can never be removed. A safe like this is good for a basement or closet and will hold all your valuables. Smaller  fireproof  safes will keep everything safe and dry and should have a handle so they are easier to move around. If you get a safe with a combination lock, make sure it has a combination back-up in case you lose the key.