Why You Need Good Stair Carpet

Buying carpet is a very important, and generally expensive, decision that each homeowner has to make. In making this decision, be sure to take a few things into consideration, including what quality of carpeting you are going to need and / or want in your home. Furthermore, this decision will vary according to which type of carpet you are installing-you will make a different decision for the carpeting in your living room than you would for your stairs.

Looking specifically at your stair carpeting, there is one main point you should consider before making your decision on which type of thread you are going to go with. Carpeting on stairs is much different from other areas on your home for the simple fact that you will be seeing the carpet from many different angle when it is on your stairs. You look at that carpet more often than below or at the same eye level, and this can make a difference in the carpet you choose. In addition, some carpets will look differently when bent over the stairs and show the threading behind that you probably do not want to see as a homeowner who just paid a few thousand dollars for that carpet.

Because of these two unique differences between stair and other carpet types you need to make sure you do your research and choose the best one for you. Taking home a sample stair carpet square is one of the best ways to get this education-you get to see how the carpet looks and feels upfront in your own home.