Why You Should Consider a Modular Glass Railing System

The function of any railing system is to add safety to a staircase while adding beauty to the home or business. A carefully designed stair railing will complement any type of architecture, becoming a focal point that grabs the attention of all who enter. There are many reasons to consider a glass stair railing system when designing or remodeling a home or business staircase.

A modular glass railing system is sold as a standard or custom-made kit and is easily assembled by the homeowner, business owner, or contractor. Glass stairs add their own particular ambiance to a residential or commercial structure and do not require any maintenance other than occasional cleaning. Unless you are one of those people who hates washing windows, a glass railing may be just what you need.

A modular stair railing kit makes installation easy because it comes with all of the parts you need plus complete instructions. If you are replacing parts of an existing stairway, you can have custom parts made to your exact specifications. If a kit is not exactly what you need, then custom parts can replace some of the standard parts or a complete kit can be created to give you a one-of-a-kind stairway.

In either a family or business application a glass railing is safe, elegant, and modern. Being a solid structure, children cannot squeeze their bodies between railings or throw objects through. In a commercial setting, glass railings increase the visibility of merchandise and encourage sales. If you purchase the right kind of glass, your glass rail system will last a lifetime.

When installed indoors, a glass stair railing brightens interior space, both reflecting light and allowing light to pass through, lending an open, airy feeling to the surroundings. Outdoors, glass can shelter a deck or balcony from the wind, allow light through, and provide an unobstructed view. Conversely, semi-transparent, patterned, and tinted glass can be use where privacy is an issue, such as on the sides of a deck or balcony. Also, a glass railing can act as a bit of a sound barrier if needed.

Reputable companies that sell these kits can assist you in designing, choosing, and installing your glass railing system. A kit comes complete with all the fittings and pieces needed, along with easy-to-follow instructions. Consider installing a modular glass railing system that will either transform a boring staircase or become a new architectural feature that will delight for years to come.