Why You Should Have Your Windows Cleaned Before, During Or After a Rain

Many people are under the misconception that just because it's raining they should not have their windows cleaned because the rain will just make them dirty again, but is this true?

The plain and simple truth is a big no. It's actually normal procedure for window cleaning companies to conduct business in ALL weather except in storms and high winds.

Have you ever seen those rain guarantees offered by some window cleaning companies? Usually they state if it rains within 24 or 48 hours of your window cleaning service that they will clean the affected windows at no charge. So what appears to be a window cleaning company's rain guarantee is really more of a window cleaning marketing ploy rather than a rainy guarantee, so what else is new?

When reading one of these window cleaning rain guarantees, remember this: It's NOT the rain that makes your windows look dirty … it's the dirt. What do I mean by this? Well, the fact is, once your windows have been cleaned of all its dirt, it is going to take a number of driving rains to make them appear dirty again.

The truth is, windows need cleaning because they get dirty NOT because they get wet. In general, windows are engineered to use rainwater and natural sunlight to remove organic dirt and debris. The three major contributors of the dirt and debris on your windows are, pollen, dust and bird droppings. When these are present on your glass and a rain comes along, the residual in the rain will attach itself to the dirt and often times it will make your windows look even worse.

On the other hand, if your windows are clean to begin with, the rain will simply sheet off the glass and your windows will continue to remain clean.

Every spring you can see many "so called" window cleaners start popping out of the woodwork. These "so called" window cleaners are no more than rookies and rouges. Let me warn you, they often do a lousy job and take unnecessary risks. These people are part of the reason how the myth about NOT cleaning windows in the rain has come about because these amateur cleaners simply do not like getting wet.

So just because the rains have arrived is no reason to stop having your windows washed. The fact is, your windows may be cleaned in all but the torrential rain with excellent results.

Avoiding having your windows washed in wet weather, especially during the winter months really serves no good purpose. If you do not care and maintain the integrity of your glass windows and they become stained, removal of these permanent water stains can get expensive as the work is labor intensive. Replacing glass nowdays can become very cost prohibitive, so keep this in mind.

Beside the headache and costs involved in not maintaining your windows, dirty windows look ugly and limit the amount sunlight coming into your home. After all, your windows are your ports to the outside world. They invite nature into your home, bringing in loads of sunshine, fresh air and the natural scents of the great outdoors. When well kept and clean, windows add a touch of tasteful elegance to your home, creating a pleasant and hospitable atmosphere.