Why You Should Switch to PVC Gutters

PolyVinyl Chloride gutters, better known as PVC gutters, are being recommended by any home improvement expert nowadays. They are inexpensive, flexible, very easy to install and most definitely will not rust.


PVC is also very durable. Being light, flexible and strong makes it very well-suited for use in colder temperatures that receive plenty of snowfall. And since they are also water-resistant, getting PVC gutters is just like getting rust free guttering. Standing water can cause metal guttering to rust through, causing holes to form. These holes usually become the cause of damage to homes, even flooding within the house.


The main reason why a person should consider switching to PVC is due to its strength. Since PVC is made from molded plastic, that only means that the gutters are formed as one continuous unit. Scratched paint or corrosion on welded seams won’t be a problem anymore. Snow, ice or other loads won’t have that much effect on plastic gutters due to the characteristics that plastic has versus its metal alternative. Ladders will not dent the guttering and blemishes can’t be visible on the surface. Because of having rust-free guttering, you can be guaranteed of that strength.


Another reason is because PVC gutters are flexible. Unlike its metal counterpart, PVC will not lose its shape even when it bows slightly. Metal gutters are prone to bending, twisting and denting. When they experience any one of the three mentioned, the effects on the gutters will stay visible while you can prevent this with PVC gutters. Color and appearance are also easily maintained since they don’t fade.


Installation is also a cinch. PVC is lightweight and its sections also snap together quickly. Using the right tools, you can even do it yourself, therefore eliminating high expenses. You need to be skillful on gutter installation regarding the proper mounting and pitch, but since PVC is easier to work with, you shouldn’t have too much of a hard time. But just to be safe, and if you are not confident with your do-it-yourself skills, calling a professional to do it for you is a healthy option.

Choosing a contractor

Just because Contractor A has more good reviews than Contractor B doesn’t mean that you can skip out on doing your own research and it most definitely does not mean that Contractor B is not doing a great job at PVC guttering. Read carefully on the reviews, and contact the contractor if you need to. Find out which contractor best suits the needs of your home. Don’t be afraid to contact them for any inquiries.