Why You Should Talk To Someone About Your Stresses or Grief – 2 Reasons

When I say, "talk to someone", I do not necessarily mean a counselor or arief therapist. It can be anyone that is willing to listen or can offer encouraging / empathetic feedback. Most people think that they are not supposed to cry or talk about their problems. Mostly, from the fear of rejected or being thought of as a complainer but stress and grief are two very natural things. You would be surprised to know that once you share your justification with someone, it typically creates a strong bond between the 2 (or more) people who shared their stories. You would also be surprised to know that most people are more than willing to listen to your problems and have most likely been through a similar experience.


Sharing your story for the first time can be scary. You can feel the anxiety building up in the body, your hands get all clammy, and your whole body looks like it experiencing some kind of phenomenon. This is natural; The body is reacting to the chemical imbalance in your brain. Your brain wants to be happy but knows that it is about to share something that might not be considered happy. After the initial couple shares that feeling will slowly start to dissipate. It will not be as hard for you to share your story and you will actually get better at sharing it and actually start finding some healing in it. Believe it or not, you are the barrier between your healing. The more you let yourself share the story and find comfort in it, the more you are going to heal and help others others heal. Seeing grief from the other side can help you understand how to deal with yours better.

Getting out of your own head

If you're anything like me, when you experience something that gets you down, you isolate or curl up in a ball. This is also a natural thing. Most do not want people to see them sad and feel like they can not do anything else until you get through the grief. Like I said, this is a natural process, it's almost a numb feeling that comes over your body and feels like nothing really except for what you're going through. The only way this can get dangerous is if you do not start getting out of that ball or you allow yourself not to talk about the situation. There is always going to come a day where you need to get up and keep moving. Life does not stop just because you are going through it. There are still people out there that are counting on you, that do not want to see you holding things in. Get out of your own head eventally and talk to someone. Do not let yourself stay in that state, the longer you do, the less control you will have. Believe it or not, we all have control over our brain and can tell it what to do, not the other way around. It just takes some practice, self-development, and being able to find what makes you peaceful.

It's not easy to get over your grief and some might last longer than others but it is always good practice to talk to people about it. It's the only way you are going to get over it and eventually it's going to feel like a team effort. There is no I in team and the world is one big team, you're never alone, do not forget it.