Wide Plank Flooring – An Authentic Look

There are many advantages to choosing wide plank flooring for your home when you are deciding which type of flooring will be best for you, your family and your overall decor. Wide plank flooring has become longer and wider and this reduces the amount of seams in your floor to create a more authentic look.

In order for your home to look its best, look for wide plank flooring that is made of old growth planks that have been newly sawn. Craftsmen of times long past, used newly sawn old growth wood to install in America’s oldest homes and they still look beautiful 200 years later. When you use this material for your wide plank flooring, you can be assured you will have finest, most authentic look for your home, no matter which room in your home you decide to install it.

Look for wide plank flooring that has been cured for at least twelve months to ensure the durability and stability no matter what the climate is where you live. When you are shopping for wide plank flooring, you want the assurance that the product you choose will last a long time and stay looking beautiful throughout the years.

If you choose wide plank flooring that has been milled precisely, you may eliminate any need for you to sand your new wide plank flooring after it is installed. When you buy your wide plank flooring, it will come complete with installation instructions for you to put down your new floor simply and easily. You can install wide plank flooring over a number of surfaces such as a radiate heat system, plywood on concrete slabs, a screed system, etc.

To keep your wide plank flooring looking and feeling its best, many manufacturers recommend using a Tung Oil finish. This type of finish will be absorbed into the wood instead of merely coating it. This helps give your wide plank flooring the nourishment that is needed deep in the flooring in order for a long and healthy life for your new floor. It will also eliminate the need to wax and it can be cleaned with a mild wood cleaner for your convenience and ease.