Wide Plank Laminate Wood Flooring Installation Tips

Whenever you are planning to consider installing the laminate flooring, it is vital to know which type of laminate flooring is the best. You have to consider two aspects; the finish of laminate and wood grain. Ordering for samples and retesting them is also not a bad idea. Ensure that you invest in durable laminate floor for your home. In fact, it is very simple to install this flooring and can be installed even by amateurs. With this information it will surely help in cost cutting. So, here are wide plank laminate wood flooring installation tips:

1. Firstly you need to measure the floor properly so that you will understand how much flooring you need to buy. There are some stores people who will send somebody to measure the floor as getting right proportion yourself will get a bit difficult for you as there are special cuts as well as waste parts to be considered. The best idea is to add up 20% of the floor measurement and can return the packed flooring boxes for a complete refund.

2. You will need some simple tools such as table saw for faster cuts and plank ripping. You will also need a saber saw which will guide you in cutting out the floor vents or near the cabinets or doorways. The other tools would include a hammer, pencil, small square and tape measure. Buying the spacers is also recommended so that you can keep the planks at right distance from walls to allow expansion as the baseboards will cover the same.

3. If your floors are in uneven position, then repair or place an underlayment before laying new laminate flooring. Always make it a point to begin the job from a wall as this will need fewer cuts.

4. Use different length of wood pieces to start every fresh row so that end seams won’t match with each other. Even slight difference of one or two inch will be enough for giving some kind of variation so that the job will be nice looking in the end. Once your second row is done, the installation procedure will get simpler as your speed will improve. As rooms hardly have precise width, you will need to rip off to correct width for the final row. Ensure that you don’t damage the floor with the tools. Try to get maximum planks into place before using the hammer and tools as with this you can snap the last row perfectly. Also, take special care during complex cuts.

So, now that you know the right way to install the wide plank laminate installation, do it yourself and feel proud of it.