Wildly Popular Luggage for Men

Laptop Case

When you’re looking to buy a laptop bag two important features should come to mind. Does the bag have useful compartments and is the bag sturdy with padding. Having useful compartments is important because it offers you a way to get and stay organized. Complaints can be made that a bag has two few pockets, but if you inspect the bag to make sure that both your laptop will fit within and that other items such as notebooks, pens, papers, keys, cell phone will travel within, than you’re getting there. Most laptop bags are, at this point, are designed to be sturdy to add a layer of protection around your computer as well as being able to handle the weight of a laptop and all the accoutrements that go along with it (i.e. that 10 lb electrical cord).

There was a third concern, not yet mentioned but always assumed, and that’s style. For the man who does care about fashion, having to lug that dorky company laptop bag to work everyday can be too much to bare. Enter Jack Spade. Launched in 1997 by Andy Spade, husband of handbag designer, Kate Spade, Jack Spade bags are casual yet offer fashion as well as function and that’s exactly with you get in the laptop case. One customer wrote that these bags were ‘beautifully lined’ illustrating the quality of construction that goes into this line. Most people like the clean lines and the slimness of these laptop bags.

Metro Pack

A back pack is another must have item but one that fits into an urban setting (and doesn’t make you look like you are about to climb Mt Everest) is getting easier to find. Many men, who found the messenger bag just a bit too painful to carry their daily load of books, electronic gadgets and gym gear are returning to the backpack. Two should straps are preferable to one. The Jack Spade Metro Pack, well priced for the quality of the bag, holds an ample amount of books and even a computer but keeps up on style. Made from weatherproofed soft nylon, this pack features a large opening to the main compartment, a zipper pouch and padded shoulder straps.

Men’s Overnight Bag

Finally, depending upon your sense of style or desire to keep up with the trends, this season, you can buy a Ghurka Cavalier bag and pack up your weekend gear. This weekend bag is made of leather, however, not the stiff kind, but the already worn, broken-in kind. Recently featured in the New York Times Magazine, the Ghurka bag, costing just under runs anywhere from $700 – $1200, and is a must have, for the urban man. Styled after the old doctor-style bags, this bag carries itself with understated statement. Hand made by experience artisans from workshops in Spain, Italy and the US, these bags are hand polished, pre-tested before sale and finally, stamped with the Ghurka crest. This is a bag that is going to last a lifetime (it comes with some detailed care instructions) and that only gets better with age.