William's Pinball Machines

If you've ever been around pinball machines, then you're sure to be familiar with Williams' pinball machines. Williams was one of the main pinball machine manufacturers for 55 years. Their first machine was called "Zingo" and it was made in 1944. Their last machine was Star Wars Episode One, which was manufactured in 1999.

I have a special place in my heart for William's pinball machines, since I've owned 3 of them myself. These machines were Gusher, High Speed, and Road Show.

Gusher was made in 1958. It was a wood rail machine that my dad bought for me from a bar for $ 200. It's worth much more than that now – that's for sure, if you can even find one! Gusher was the first William's pinball machine to have a disappearing jet bumper.

High Speed ​​is a great game, and you can find it pretty read nowdays if you want to look around on eBay. It has a flashing red light on top that comes on when you escape from the cops! High Speed ​​2 – The Getaway is a later model of this game, which is also a lot of fun. I still have one of the original High Speed's in my basement.

Road Show was a later machine that I had also. It has lots of ramps, tunnels, and holes, and also 2 talking heads, Red and Ted. At one point of the game you shoot the ball in Ted's mouth and he swallows it! It's pretty funny, and really a blast to play. This machine was manufactured in 1994, and is one of the newer types of William's pinball machines.