Wind Deflectors – Lessen Your Car’s Fuel Consumption

Wind deflectors are accessories for cars that you would normally find on the hood, sunroof and side windows. Deflectors mounted on the front hood of a car will give protection to the vehicle from any debris that might be thrown up into its path by another vehicle or by wind. Deflectors fitted to the sunroof and side window areas are mainly for ventilation purposes and to keep those inside the car safe from nature’s elements.

Your car is at its most vulnerable from flying objects at the front it doesn’t matter what speed you are travelling at- stones, rocks, salt, insects even dust can damage your car and if your on the motorway the damage caused could be even greater than just paint chips, dents, or broken windscreens. These types of damage although they may seem minor at the time can progress into long term and bigger problems especially for the bodywork exposing it to the risk of rust and corrosion. A broken windscreen will not only make vision difficult especially if it happened at night, but replacement costs could be quite expensive. It is also illegal to drive with a broken windscreen at night.

A wind deflector that is specifically designed to fit your make and model of car on the front hood where the car is at its weakest from flying objects will help save the amount of damage by taking the initial impact of any object flying towards you and redirect it away from the vehicle thus reducing the likelihood of any major damage. A deflector fitted to your hood is a wise investment for any drivers that spend a lot of hours on the open road and in all weather extremes. They are a low cost way to stop what could be very high cost repairs.

Wind deflectors that are designed for use with the sunroof and side windows are normally fitted along the width of the sunroof and the length of the side windows. The idea here is to allow the sunroof and or windows to be opened and get fresh air into your vehicle but keep out the elements such as rain, snow and excessive wind. One of the main benefits from these deflectors is that they can reduce the amount of times you would need to use the air con whilst still remaining cool and refreshed another boost is that the less the air con is used the less fuel you will burn.

Wind deflectors are a very common vehicle accessory and most of the well known car accessory stores do carry them. Be careful though if you choose to buy from these stores. Deflectors are manufactured to fit certain vehicle types and models so, be sure that you take care when looking for the right one to fit your vehicle. The safest way to buy them is from the dealership you purchased the car from although this could work out more expensive, you will have the peace of mind knowing you have the exact ones for your make and model.