Window Replacement Options – Glass Or Plastic?

If you're planning new windows, it is important to get the style right for your house. If the windows look wrong, the whole house can look wrong. When we look at a house, it is usually the windows that catch our attention first – like the eyes in someone's face. Most people automatically think about glass panes when considering new windows, but plastic is an alternative that could work well for you.

Are Plastic Window Panes the Right Choice for You?

The Pros of Plastic

  • They can be a better alternative than glass for security because plastic windows are more resistant to cracking or breaking.
  • They provide better insulation than glass.
  • They offer a range of colored tints, which allows you to have patterned glass, for example, or darker windows to reduce the heat from direct sunlight.
  • Plastic storm window sheets can be applied to the interior of your glass windows to temporarily improve the strength and insulation of the window. The results are not always very attractive so this is best reserved for windows that are less visible.

The Cons of Plastic

  • They scratch more easily than glass, so greater care is needed especially when cleaning them. Avoid using any kind of abrasive cleaner or cloth. Plastic window polish can be used to remove minor scratches.
  • They can lack character, and you could lose a lot of the period charm of your property if you are not careful in your choice. For example, replacing leaded panes of glass with flat plastic panes can leave your windows looking dull and lifeless.


Plastic windows might be the best choice for you if your home is exposed to extreme weather conditions, especially high winds and cold temperatures. They might also be the best option for windows that are vulnerable to burglary.