Window Tinting Review – The Truth

The whole truth is Window Tinting Films do not know the difference between the summer sun and winter sun. The window tinting you use on your windows will help to reflect the infrared rays that are given off inside the building as well as outside. People as well as objects can reflect infrared rays. When considering the warmth inside on a cold winter day, this helps much more than you realize.

The house that has dual pane glass on the windows should be treated with extreme caution before adding window film. This should not be attempted by an amateur. The best way to go about this is to have an installer with a professional background to come and give you an idea of whether there is a coating on your windows that could cause the window tint to heat the glass.

This could cause the window to break and this is why many window manufacturers will not honor a warranty on glass that has been covered with a window film. However, most window film manufacturers will warranty their product against windows breaking due to the film as well as seal damage. This is covered as long as you have allowed a professional to help you select the film that is needed.

When it comes to the safety and durability of Window Tinting the use of the window films of today are made much better than the ones even ten or fifteen years ago. There are some concerns when it comes to scratching but that is not a problem. The use of acrylic today is beneficial in keeping the windows from being scratched. The only thing you should not use on the windows is ammonia because this will damage the acrylic.

Nothing is more pleasant than entering a room in the middle of summer when the temperature is soaring outside and finding a cool oasis. This can be made possible in part by the window tinting you have on your windows. This one minor change can help keep the temperature much lower in your home. By reflecting the heat or absorbing it the window tinting helps your air conditioner to keep your home cool even in the hottest conditions.

The other benefit is helping to keep your home furnishings from becoming faded and having to be replaced. The sun can damage many items in the home including your furniture, floors, carpet and drapes. They will end up with faded areas that ruin your interior furnishings. If it is carpet, there is no need to replace it for the same thing to happen. So what are you left to do but put something over that spot to hide it from view?

The drapes would have to be replaced as well but until you do something about it new ones will end up faded as well. This really only leaves one option. And that is to choose the right Window Tinting to protect your home furnishings. This will save money in more ways than one. You will not have to replace and repair your home due to sun damage and the interior of your home will be cooler or warmer depending on the season.

The bottom line is that window film is vital today to save energy, reduce the damage caused by the sun and save you money by reducing the heat entering your home or business, reducing wear and tear on your cooling system and prolonging the life out of your structures interior.