Window Tips For Your House

Windows are the most ignored part of the house. We do not know about the benefits of a window and how healthy they make our house by providing us with the light and fresh air. But nowdays it is much more then just a window. Home makers and builders are using their creativity to build custom and ornamental windows which adds beauty to the house and appeal to the viewer.

These are made up of many materials like plastic, iron, copper, glass, aluminum, steel and vinyl. There purpose is not only to give light and air to the house but also to give it an elegant look. These windows are designed externally as well as internally. They can be given many looks. Many colors can be used – some like wooden color, some like a polished look. From out side they can be beautifully decorated by painting on the glass. It is called stain glass and is vastly used in custom windows. Whether they are painted from outside or inside – the paint gives these windows an adorable look.

These can be made in several designs – some can be built like a box jutting out from the wall, some can be built like a half window, some can be made half opened, some may be full opened, some can be made like a shutter etc. These can be made of fiber glass, aluminum or steel etc. These are made with beautiful frames to give them a dramatic look and to it many colors are added.

For outdoor windows one can add stones, rocks, flower pots and plants to make them look natural. One can put lights in between them or maybe a spot light to spot the window. The frame can be of carved wood that will add an elite look to the window. How ever for interior windows one can create extreme designs. He can decorate the window with any color theme that he feels like. He can give his window an ancient and antique look by adding brown and copper color in it.

So many things can be done in order to make custom windows. They are getting popular day by day. It is a good idea to have one or two in your house this will add beauty and charm to the house. Home makers and builders are successfully using them vastly.