Window Washing Basics Everyone Should Know

Window washing is one of the chores that most people hate to do. Window washing is time consuming, can be very messy, and is often frustrating because getting all of the streaks off of the glass can be difficult. There are some window washing basics that everyone should know, and these basics might make your next window washing experience a brighter one.

• Soap and water will clean windows

You do not have to buy a large amount of expensive cleaning products in order to clean window panes. Simple dish detergent and warm water will clean the glass surfaces. You can make the job easier by using vinegar instead of soap and water, because the vinegar removes grease, and is less likely to leave streaks when it is wiped away.

• The cloth you use to clean your windows make the job more difficult

The best way to wash a window pane is to use a soft cloth to apply the cleansers and then buff the cleanser away using paper towel that does not leave lint behind. The cheapest way to get a streak free shine with less effort is to use old newspaper to buff away the cleaner. You can skip the soft cloth step because when you are rubbing the newspaper over the surface of the glass you will be effectively removing all of the dirt, fingerprints, and grime.

• Do not stretch to reach above your head

A lot of times when we are cleaning we try to reach as high up as possible so we can save time. Never try this. If you can not easily reach the area you are trying to clean then get a ladder that will allow you to climb high enough to easily reach. By stretching to reach an area you take the risk of falling and injuring yourself. Take the time to be safe while you work.

• Vinegar soaked cloths will remove stickers

If you have ever had a sticker applied to glass you know that the residue left behind by the glue can be hard to get off. Many people have had to use razor blades to scrape some of this type of residue off of glass. The next time you are faced with this problem simply soak a cloth in plain vinegar. Place the planned cloth on top of the sticker and allow the vinegar to soak through the paper of the sticker so that it comes in contact with the glue holding the sticker in place. The vinegar will dissolve the glue and you will easily be able to remove all traces of the sticker.