Window Washing Simplified – Must-Read Window Cleaning Information

Window cleaning is important if the windows are really dirty, they block the sunlight and create unpleasing conditions. Most of us do not clean the windows each time we clean the house and just keep this job for special occasions or the change of seasons.

The market is filled with special substances that promise to make window cleaning bearable, but most consumers out there still improvise and just use warm water with a touch of ammonia or vinegar. There are some tips that you can follow to make your job easier and get it over with much faster.

The outside part may prove to be a challenge but as most windows now comes with fold down ability, the job is easier and it is advised to start from top to bottom. The best technique seems to be from left to right and as you complete a level, gradually move down until you are done and then just make another quick turn with something dry to avoid any stains.

House cleaning usually takes a lot of time and if you add to this window cleaning, the time spent is almost doubled. This process is not long because it is difficult but mainly because most people do not do it properly or do not do it frequently enough to avoid such problems. As dust continues to accumulate and harden, it becomes difficult to remove it and you end up spending hours just brushing away at those windows. So the best tip remains to clean your windows often because this way you will only lose a few minutes a week rather than hours.

Another tip is to not buy expensive window cleaning products because they may prove to be a waste of money. Just improvise from things you have laying around the house like dish washing liquid, ammonia and vinegar and you will certainly be satisfied with the results. If you want to buy something to make it easier, you can just invest in a squeeze; the same one that professionals use to wash a lot of windows each day – it will prove to be the best thing you can buy for the few windows you have. Most of them have two heads for both a thorough cleaning and a good finish. It can be very useful and will make for a faster job.

A last tip is to take a step back and see what you have achieved. A clean window is usually very noticeable, especially if it was in a very bad state before you began. The results might prove enough to continue with the cleaning on a regular basis and so be always happy with having clean windows no matter the occasion.