Wine Barrel Planters in 5 Easy Steps

Using Wine Barrels as planters make unique gifts or additions to your home. They are easy to make and look great in your garden or entrance to your house.

Step 1. Purchase or find a used Barrel

The first thing you need to do is find a used wine barrel. If you live by a winery, they will sometimes give away used barrels. Otherwise you will need to purchase one. You'll want to buy one locally as an empty oak barrel can weigh 120 lbs which makes it too costly to ship.

Step 2. Drill holes and cut in half

Once you have your wine barrel you will need to saw it in half using a hand saw. Or you may choose to have your lumber yard cut it for you. Now you have two half barrels to use as planters. For each planter, drill 4 1/2 inch holes in the bottom to allow for drainage.

Step 4. Place your barrels and add small rocks for drainage

To avoid heavy lifting, place your wine barrels where you want to locate them before adding soil. Good drainage is important for your plants as well as preserving the wood of the planters. For better drainage, place some bricks underneath the barrels. Add small rocks, gravel or broken clay pot fragments to the bottom inch or two of the barrel. This will also help with proper drainage.

Step. 4 Add soil and plants

Now it's time to fill it with potting soil. Add soil but do not fill it to the very top. You do not want soil running out of the barrel when you water so leave some room at the top. Once the soil is added, start your flowers or plants using the seeds of your choice or add plants that are already grown.

Step 5. Water

Make sure you provide an ample amount of water to your new plants. You should soak them until you see water draining out the bottom of the drainage holes.

Once watered, your Planters are complete.

Video on this Watch Wine Barrel Planters to avoid a BIG mistake.