Winter Carp Bait Secrets Of Maximizing Homemade Boilie And Paste Success!

Can you maximize your results in cold water by harnessing the power of some of the most essential processes and substances carp use every day? The answer is yes and some of these edges can be boosted to a huge degree to improve your success and most often produce very instant big fish catch results on both homemade and ready made baits boosted in these very special ways! Read on and get this essential information right now!

To begin with think about harnessing the power of natural digestion product short cuts and flavors which carp consume naturally as essential food!

I suggest that you really read up on active yeasts and source these on the web. Examples of these include pro-biotic yeasts for instance from CC Moore (for whom I am a consultant.) Combine active and in-active yeasts within your cold water base mixes and within your liquid food mixes; this way you will massively improve bait performance! This is an area I have a huge amount of testing experience in and with very good reason!

Producing homemade yeast mixtures for use as or within cold water baits can be done with very little prior knowledge or expertise. However as with anything else, the very best effects and results are found through testing combinations on actual fish when test fishing in winter!

I recommend that you only apply small batches of test baits while fishing. I do my most significant bait testing in winter and the test feedback at this time is the most valuable of any time of year as it can be applied in practice to all the rest of the year with absolute confidence!

When water is very dense due to the cold, fish metabolism is drastically reduced, and this is when feeding activity is at its absolute minimum. Test fishing on easy shallow lakes in these conditions very quickly indicates a winning batch of test baits! But you can apply these winning baits then to hard or big fish waters immediately following easy fish testing and bait refining.

More often than not a winning combination will then not only catch you big fish, but it can mean catching the biggest fish in the lake! It can also commonly mean that you catch the biggest catch of the entire year, because fish tend to become very closely group up in the wintertime and even become literally stacked up on top of one another! (My friend Alan Welch recently told me of this while doing underwater filming in January for our forthcoming CC Moore TV pieces!)

What other practical tips can you apply very instantly in winter at home or on the bank to improve your results? Well many essential oil components act on carp sensory systems in similar ways to stimulatory hormones which carp release during the mating season. these substances attract carp very strongly stimulating them into taking baits and even competing for them! (This is just one hidden effect of some of the commonly known and used spice essential oils when used correctly in the right dosages!)

In winter you can significantly raise the levels of essential oils you use. But never forget to always use a high potency liquid lecithin to emulsify any oils! These forms of lecithins make oils and similar substances far more easily dissipated and easily detected in cold dense water.

Liquid lecithins make oils far more digestible too! Therefore if you prefer to use for example low temperature fish meals in winter, do remember to exploit the power of lecithins!

Consider the fact that soya high potency liquid lecithins are a high caloric food and boosts carp cellular energy which helps more trigger feeding activity and are a true feeding trigger according leading Japanese fish scientist Harada!

One favorite tip I like to give is to use paste in winter! This was the way for hundreds of years and right up to the boilie revolution the leading carp anglers used high protein pastes to catch record fish!

Baits based upon very high protein ingredients often are resilient in their binding characteristics to last intact for many hours all the while dissolving true feeding triggers into the water column. Live and inactive yeasts coupled with n-butyric acid for example, and fresh squeezed pineapple juice for example and marmite mixed in creates a fine dip or soak for any bait in winter. Of course there are many ways to enhance such a liquid, including salts, fruit oils, essential oils, various powdered amino acids such as lysine, and also other low pH substances including a range of different betains and flavor substances, natural extracts and so on.

If you are unsure about how to approach making pastes for winter, or indeed how to create a beginner paste for winter and any other time of year, then the following suggestions with be a great help!

Think about bait in terms of not being a solid but as what it will become; liquid solution form, flowing and actively dispersing throughout the water column layers outwards as far as possible!

Think about your whole bait as a dissolving soup and as a dense feed-triggering cloud of substances. These must penetrate the water actively thus surrounding your fish so powerfully in cold water that they do not merely stimulate fish into noticing something new in their surroundings, but they will actively and dynamically change carp body and brain chemistry!

These changes will produce maximum catch results because they literally positively change fish behaviors in response to the presence of your baits in the water!

This might all sound very complex, but there are many beginner ways and methods and approaches to start to begin to achieve this! Tutti Fruitti flavor contains a substance for example, which in effect gives fish a free energy boost within the cells, and this significantly helps wake up fish metabolism improving feeding responses and numbers of cold water bites achieved! Robin Red liquid and powdered additive and spice essential oils also do similar things in various different ways!

Raw molasses represent a really important base ingredient in winter baits. Molasses are rich in feed triggering betain and other essential nutritional factors. Among the most proven and positive impacts and effects of molasses is its capacity to improve bait function by opening dense baits up so they become more soluble and active on many levels!

Another tip is about bait solubility! This factor is absolutely vital in winter and the colder months! If you base a paste upon molasses and Belachan powder just for starters, then believe me you will improve homemade and ready made boilie effectiveness most especially if you choose to include eggs.

The ways to improve your homemade and ready made boilies, stick mixes, pastes, method and spod mixes are endless. However regarding boilies, I have found that paste is the best way in winter. I avoid heated baits as much as possible! A friend of mine just this Christmas 2013, fished the easy lake on the Farlows complex.

In a day he caught 14 carp up to upper twenty, including hooking the biggest fish which was an upper thirty. This was using paste baits created after reading my further information and refining his bait substances recipes and pastes. Further bait testing of his new homemade baits on my advice was the reason why he was fishing the easy lake for instant feedback. His test result catches were far beyond those of anglers on the lake that were using ready made boilies. He very excitedly contacted me tell me how pleased and massively confident he was since getting into homemade bait making!

As he was on for 48 hours, he told me he decided to fish the main lake for the very first time. That night he succeeded in catching one of the seven much sought-after thirty-pound common carp in the lake; what a result! It was a new personal best for him for a winter common carp! Such is the power of paste baits teamed with powerful bait information and bait refinement and testing in action. This is why I use active bait testing all the time and I really do recommend that you fish new baits using a control bait on easy waters in winter to refine fantastic homemade bait winners for winter and in fact all year round!

You might ask how and why else would I use paste baits? Well the best way to introduce a new bait to any water is by using paste and not boiled or steamed baits! The secret of this is how efficiently the dissolving substances that are intrinsic to your paste baits dissipate in the most concentrated levels possible and these levels are far beyond those possible with any boilie!

Perhaps you want some tips on proven winter winners. Well for instance if you want to use Tutti Fruitti flavor which is a very popular proven cold water flavor, then make paste baits instead of boilies! In my years of testing in winter and summer, the most effective peak results time range for over-flavored baits is the first 30 minutes. This is followed by the proceeding 3 hours, upon which the bait impacts reduce dramatically as the most actively dissolving substances are lost! This is the time to cast out using fresh baits!

Keep moving your baits in winter because you will definitely attract the attentions of curious fish and you will even even locate them more easily. I have had times when casting repeatedly in winter when I have eventually literally cast right on top of fish thus achieving hooked fish while only just placing the rod in the rests after casting! Winter fish can be very curious and the splash of fresh baits really does make all the difference!

Many anglers ask me about bait soaks and how to improve them. For cold weather for instance you can create homemade liquids using highly potent powdered additives. Some of my choice examples include belechan powder, liquidized fresh frozen bloodworm and low pH enhancers and flavors, and include a generous amount of butyric acid, and maybe even a flavor based around caproic or caprylic acid. Real fresh squeezed pineapple juice is a great edge too, (there is more going on than merely active bromalain going on in there to make your baits work better!)

I like to combine many different sources of active and commercial enzymes in my homemade baits and these are exceptionally important for cold weather success! I have studied and tested countless numbers of these in various levels and combinations with very good reason!

The pH of your bait (when mixed with water to produce a solution) is another significant factor. Low pH flavors can be added to more significantly lower your boilie pH and make them more effective against background chemical clutter, such as ammonium from decaying autumn leaves and other silt forming detritus etc.

Low pH flavors and low pH additives in liquid forms increase feeding responses greatly in most carp waters in winter. They create a far more concentrated gradient of distinctly attractive and easily detected soluble substances for your carp to home in on for maximum winter success!

Use of examples of additives such as citric acid and betain HCL are merely the beginning of possibilities to harness, in vastly improving your winter and spring pastes and boilies! Revealed in my unique ready made bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.