Wire Strippers and Stripping Machines

Wire stripping machines and wire strippers are used to remove insulation from electrical wires and coaxial cables among other kinds of wiring. A stripper usually refers to a handheld device that is portable but a stripping machine is an industrial version of the same used in heavy duty casing removals. The machine that you get to use will generally be determined by the task at hand. The fact, however, is that the two kinds of strippers are available in manual and automatic types. They all work in making the work easier compared to trying to strip the wires using bare hands as many people do.

Wire Stripping Methods

There are different methods that are used in stripping wire. They include:

Cutting to strip: It is the simplest way of stripping wire. It moves the casing by simple cutting and this is the method most people will use in situations that are not complicated.

Abrasive stripping: It involves the use of a rough wheel which wears the insulation away and also ends up polishing the wire leaving it clean. It is among the simplest methods available.

Thermal stripping: It is a method that involves burning or melting the insulation. It is done in such a way that no damages occur to the wire during the process.

Chemical stripping: It involves the use of chemicals which are designed to react with wire insulation making it dissolve away. The reaction leaves the naked wire ready for use.

Laser stripping: This is a more high-tech method of stripping wire and it is used in very special applications. It removes the wire insulation without any disturbance to the conductive metal that is underneath.

Manual Strippers versus Automatic

Manual strippers: They will normally have a scissor-like device or a device that is like a wire cutter with opposing blades. The blades come in series to handle differently sized wires through the notches for easy stripping. They are easy to use with the wire being placed in the sizable notch before a cut is made in the insulation. This then offers the clear chance to pull down the wire, considering that insulation is never bonded to the wire. The strippers can function as wire cutter benders and coaxial cable wire strippers.

Automatic strippers: They grip and strip the wires in simple single motions. They are therefore much faster compared to the manual versions. They are ideal for individuals looking for tools which can handle large volumes of stripping. The machines can however be limited to the wire sizes, they can handle. They are in a wide range and a user must find one that can accommodate the appropriate wire range in terms of size. If you are dealing with wires of different sizes, you might find the manual strippers better to use.

There are different kinds and brands of wire stripping machines so be sure to shop around to get the best for your kind of needs. They will also be priced differently depending on their quality and functions.