Wireless Glass Break Detector Systems

All plate, laminated, tampered, and wired windowpanes can be monitored with a wireless glass break detector, with an ability to recognize the pattern of glass breaking. A detector unit can monitor a 360-degree zone, and detect an area of ​​20 – 25 feet.

A sensor unit needs to be mounted within direct sight of all low-level window or glass doors. These alerts are not able to monitor through a wall or around a corner, so it is important to position all devises in the appropriate place to ensure that entry points are secured.

The volume of detector units installed on each floor depends on floorplan and layout of a property. A small to medium sized room with open plan design can often get away with a single device, as no doors or wall will disrupt its signal. In a larger room that's L or U shaped an effective set-up can often mean two or three monitors to listen to all angles.

A wall or ceiling mounting detector device can listen for two tolls sign, a strike and a break, known as a dual technology system. In the first instance a strike or thump sound is detected, which is is followed closely by a smash or break of glass. This allows a modern detector to make a distinction between an attempted break-in and common sounds in a household.

Installing a wireless or even hard-wired glass break detector in all vulnerable positions is an ideal step in ensuring that an effective security set-up is in place. A wireless unit offers a simple home security project to take on, which is suited to all private homes.