Wirsbo PEX Tubing System

Crosslinked polyethylene (PEX), have good physical – chemical and mechanical properties, has been widely used in the device of sanitary engineering systems. Material PEX is produced by crosslinking polyethylene (PE-HD) peroxide, a substance causing the perpendicular connection of polymers under high temperature and pressure. The manufacturing process for polyethylene pipe PEX-a, using as a catalyst – a modifier peroxide, was named after the inventor Thomas Engel.

PEX Pipe used in the device internal systems of economic – drinking and hot water, PEX heat transfer plate and floor radiant heating, heated outdoor playgrounds. In addition, they can be used in the device external water supply and radiant heating systems, industrial pipelines, which transport corrosive liquids, compressed air, etc. due to unique properties, technology Uponor Wirsbo has found its application in 55 countries worldwide. Industrial production of PEX pipe Uponor Wirsbo-PEX was launched in 1972 and to date produced more than 1.2 billion feet of polyethylene PEX pipe. Annual production volume concern Uponor Wirsbo is over 70 million meters of pipe.

Currently the use of pipe for sanitary devices – technical systems in the countries of the European Community is about 80% -90% of the total number used for this purpose polymeric materials.

Standards, permits, certificates of quality

Technology of Uponor Wirsbo has a quality control system ISO 9001 certified and the certificate of conformity of the production process to ISO 14001 (the so-called. Environmental certificate).

Some of the standards and other quality guidelines relating to the PEX

* DIN 16892 – 2000, PEX pipe polyethylene PEX, general requirements for quality and testing (Germany)
* DIN 16893 – 2000, PEX pipe polyethylene PEX, diameters (Germany)
* DIN 4726 – PEXs PEX pipe, water floor PEX radiant heating,
* DIN 4729 – pipelines polyethylene, water floor PEX radiant heating,
* DIN 4102 – Refractory Class 2.
* DVGW Arbeitsblatt W 544 – 1988 (Germany)
* DVGW Arbeitsblatt W 534 – 2000 (Germany)
* Guide Technique Specialise TE Q / 1 No 30142 (France)
* UNE 53381 (Spain)
* ASTM F 876 -84
* F877 -84 (USA)
* KIWA CRITERIA No. 41 (Netherlands)
* ÖNORM B 5153 (Austria)
* UNI 9338 (Italy)
* UNI 9349 (Italy)
* PrEN 12318
* ISO / DIS 15875

Polish certificates, permits and certificates:

* Technical Certificates COBRTI Instal: Pipe Uponor Wirsbo? AT / 97-01-0218, on fasteners Uponor Wirsbo? AT / 99-02-0740, supplement number 1 to AT / 99-02-0740.
* Hygienic evaluation of the State Center of Hygiene PZH 😕 W / 535/92, W / 159/95, Hygiene Certificate HK / W / 0392/01/99.