With Casting Bubbles, You Can Cast Flies With Your Spinning Rod and Reel

If you spend time fishing in lakes, ponds or streams you know how effective artificial flies can be. However, by themselves, flies are way too light to fish effectively with traditional spin fishing gear. The best way to remedy the problem is to use a casting bubble and "fly fish" with the spin fishing gear you already own.

If you do not know what a casting bubble is, it's just a small plastic sphere, like a bobber. You add it to your line, and you can adjust the weight by adding water or shot. Casting bubbles are often clear in color, which makes them less visible to the fish (they usually do not like the green ones much). Add a baking bubble to your line and fasten it securely. Then add the leader using a brass swivel and a clinch knot. At the tapered end of the leader, tie the fly on using a clinch knot. Make sure to add enough weight for casting with your standard spin-fishing rod, reel and line. With a casting bubble, you can use dry or wet flies. When fishing lakes and large pools on rivers where there's not much current, using a fly & bubble casting rig can be an excellent method for catching tons of fish.

Extra Strength Magic Casting Bubbles from Best Fishing Secrets are probably the only bubbles you'll ever need. Use them empty, fill them with water, or with shot to create the exact weight for the depth you want to fish. To be successful, you'll want to cast your bubble out, allow the water to settle, and then begin to slowly reel in the fly & bubble casting rig. This is an excellent way for any spin-fisherman to work with flies, without having to get into the additional cost of fly fishing equipment. Casting bubbles let traditional spin fisherman use flies while fishing for trout, bass, salmon or most any other fish in lakes, ponds and even streams.

The fly & bubble casting rig packaging comes with detailed instructions on how to tie your rig, including pictures of the knots you'll need as well as tips on actually fishing with the casting bubble rig. What type of fly you attach below the bubble is entirely up to you. The fly and bubble casting rig comes with two patented Universal Flies, which are big streamers that trout and other fish just love. Good fly fishermen are always trying to match the insects the fish are eating with the flies that use. So they generally understand the fish's feeding behavior pretty well.

Fishing with a baking bubble and traditional spin fishing gear is an excellent way to learn about the feeding behavior of the fish in your area. Keep some casting bubbles, shot and a few flies in your tackle box as an option on your next fishing trip. It's an excellent idea if you want to catch more trout, bass, crappie, catfish, salmon, perch, bluegill – just about every species of fresh fish – in the Rocky Mountains or anywhere else in the world. If you're serious about catching fish, with the help of a casting bubble, you can cast flies with your spinning rod and reel.