Women Aren’t As Intensely "Hot" As They Should Be – Horrors of Circumcision Part VI

The “Horrors of Circumcision” is a series of men’s health articles that are intended to better explain to men and women what unfortunate and negative effects circumcision poses for the human male and his poor penis. This particular article will discuss the negative impact that “Women Aren’t as Intensely ‘Hot’ As They Should Be” in the male who is circumcised. Hopefully such articles will help illuminate people as to the horrible and everlasting effects that a man is shackled to if he’s been circumcised.

One of the most fantastic experiences a man can possibly ever experience is what happens when his penis enters the vagina. In fact, it’s such a fantastic feeling that it’s the first thing a man notices. He notices this incredible vaginal heat that is like sexual opium for his penis. It’s something a man will notice every time he engages in sex and is one of the most memorable accounts of the very first time that he ever had penile-vaginal sex.

The reason for this incredible sensation is that the penis is at a lower temperature than the interior of the vagina. The interior of the vagina should be at normal body temperature (98.6-degrees Fahrenheit) and the temperature of the skin on the penis is usually 91-degrees Fahrenheit. Which is seven and a half degrees lower than the interior of the vagina. However, the temperature of the skin of the penis will rise when it is erect, but will not get as hot as the vaginal interior.

So, with such a huge difference in temperature, the first thing a man feels, with his penis, upon entering the vagina is this incredible sensation of heat. In fact, most men refer to the perception of this vaginal heat as “burning” or “she’s on fire,” and it is a fantastic feeling to experience, especially with your penis, as your penis isn’t used to feeling such intense heat sensations like this. During penile-vaginal sex, since your penis is the only region of your body that is being stimulated in this manner, the response is even more impressive and stimulating; as your brain is now truly focused on what is going on with your penis and a great deal of your ancillary-neurological-perception potential is now concentrating solely on your penis and what it is feeling and experiencing. Yes, this is what sex is all about and this really gets a guy’s brain to focus on what is happening down below.

Unfortunately, for the circumcised man, he will never be able to feel this extreme temperature difference like a man who is uncircumcised. He will still feel it, yes, but the sensation will be compromised and not as intense.

The reason for this is that the foreskin has lots of very specialized nerve receptors. Some that aren’t found in other areas of the penis, believe it or not. One area that has a large number of nerve receptors that respond to temperature (both hot and cold and the discriminations between them) are located where? Well, yes, you guessed it: They are located in the foreskin. Now, it depends on the male, as we are all wired a bit differently, but there are typically more temperature receptors in the foreskin than there are in any other area of the penis.

So, when the uncircumcised man’s penis enters a woman to engage in the sexual act, it is a much more intense experience for him than in the circumcised man. It should also be mentioned that, typically, the longer that two people copulate leads to increased temperatures in the vagina and the penis. This is because of the friction that is created during the sexual process, as well as the increase in body temperature due to the increased heart rate that corresponds with increased sexual activity. Again, the uncircumcised man will be better able to “feel” the vagina getting “hotter” as the sexual act progresses. At least, compared to the poor man who is circumcised.

This is why women are perceived as “hotter” to the man who has an uncircumcised penis.

Georg von Neumann