Women – Do not Be Afraid Of Making A Stand For Yourself

Women, if a relationship is not giving you what you need then do not be afraid of making a stand for yourself. Do not give away your power by waiting on a man to make a decision that would affect your life also. A man is not your head. You are the head of your life and he is the head of his life. When the two of you are powerful in yourself then you will both come together as leaders who can work together towards building a common goal. You will come to know that emotional games has no part in a healthy and growing relationship. Here is where both of you come together to build, grow and work on intimate in your relationship. Healthy communication is also needed for a relationship to work and that is part of our growth and development to become healthy individually and together. Shutting down in a relationship should never take place as that will only exacerbate the problems more.

One of the biggest mistakes I see women making is that of waiting on a man to make a decision where their life is concerned. Women we need to pick up our strength, own our life and be a no-nonsense kind of woman. It is not your responsibility to be a man's mother. He has to grow himself into the man he desires to be. Women if you are working on growing yourself you will only be further burdened by a man who is not growing himself. The goal is to have a healthy, intimate relationship and that can not be had if one or both people in the relationship is not growing. We need to focus on our growth and personal development so that we can attract a healthy relationship with a man who is also focused on his growth and personal development.

Women, it is very important that we work on growing ourselves, healing our insecurities and doing away with old, unprogressive beliefs that will keep us stuck in unhealthy relationships. It is not enough to know what not to do, it is very important that we heal and grow our inner child so that our base emotions do not rear up and crash what you are working on building. This is where we no longer blindly follow what we were taught as children by the adults around us. We want to work on building a healthy and strong intimate relationship where two people are working together instead of against each other.

Just as how a man is looking at a woman to see if she is wife material, we as women should be vetting a man to see if he is husband material. And no, you do not transform him into a husband material. He has to see and do that for himself. Yes, we as women should make a stand for ourselves so that when a man meets us he wants to do his best to grow himself so he can live and step up to the task of being husband material. If you as a woman is progressing in your life then it would be best to hold out for a man who is advancing in his life.

Do not settle for less than you deserve because you feel that you should be married and have kids already. Accepting less than we are worth will only derail our lives because you will be constantly stopping to pull the other person up. That is way too much work. You will then become too exhausted to focus on your growth and before you know it you have been pushed down into the chaos and now you have to dig yourself out of the chaos in order to get back up to the top of your life. Focus on your own growth and let a man focus on his growth. You will then come together if there is a connection to form a strong bond.

When you begin to grow yourself you are also developing self-love and inner strength and it is that self-love and inner strength that will help you to stand on your own if you have not found the right man who matches who you are. If a man is still operating from the level of emotional mind games then that is not the man for you and you have no qualms about walking away from such a man. Women, starting today affirm to yourself that you choose You. When you stand for yourself and you do not allow a man to play games with you, if he is really a man he will respect you all the more for standing in your power and not taking any nonsense from him. And if you are already in a relationship where things are off-balance, you will cause a man to pull him alone together when you begin to pull yourself together. And if he does not, well you now have the presence of mind to walk away from such an unhealthy alliance.

As Women we create a more powerful existence when a man knows that he can not walk over us. This is not to say that a relationship should be on your terms. However, if the relationship is one-sided and you the woman is the only one to give in and in the process you bury your feelings and desires, then that is not the best nor healthiest kind of relationship to be in. It should not be about who can break the other person first. That is a twisted and unloving relationship. A healthy relationship is emotionally clean, healthy and should honor both parties. So if you find that you are the only one giving in and trying to work things out, then you need to think about taking a better stand for yourself. Sometimes that stand means to be on your own. You may find that other women may not like you. That's fine. Making a stand for yourself also means that you are not seeking to become part of the popular women's club. You are your own woman and you do not bow down to anyone else.

Women, learn to honor who you are. Honor your feelings, honor your goals, dreams and life. Shower yourself in self-love and do not feel that something is wrong with you if you are not yet married, do not want to get married or if you do not have or do not want children. That is not what being a woman is about. Know your own worth and do not allow anyone to make you tear down your worth. Stand in your own center and in your own power. Be a Woman of Substance and walk with your shoulders back, head high and regal like the Queen of Sheba. You are a Queen, you are a Goddess, You are an Empress. Do not accept anything less.