Women's Weight Loss – 4 Moves to Bring Out Your Sexy, Shapely Shoulders

Do you like to wear strapless dress to show off those sexy shoulders?

Both guys and ladies want nice mostly shoulders. I remember not wanting to wear tank tops because I really did not have great lateral (side) delts. I implemented a new routine that brought them up. So it's not just ladies who think about having nice shoulders.

We're going to target this area so you can get lean shoulders.

Follow these 4 moves.

Do these moves 3 times a week and you'll be ready to wear your favorite strapless dress at upcoming holiday parties or at the very least be upper body confident. You'll see results in a month. Do this workout for 20 minutes. Equipment, you'll need resistance tubes and a chair or bench.

Do two sets of 10-15 reps for each exercise. Use slow and controlled movements for each exercise.

Anchor or loop the tube on a steady object on a door hinge, pole banister or tree. Keep the chest high and shoulder down.

One Arm Punch. Stand with left foot in front of your right knee bent, left and on left thigh. Attach center of tube in front of you. Grip both handles in your right hand. Punch forward with your right hand, palm down. Pull arm back and repeat. Do your reps and repeat other side. This will work your chest, shoulders, biceps and oblique's.

Row With Twist. This next one works rear shoulders, mid-back and oblique's. Attach tube at chest level in front to you. Grab both of the handles with your right hand. Stand with your feet wide left slightly behind the right. Extend your right arm in front of you and pull toward your right rib cage. Do your reps and repeat on the other side.

Dip With Reach. Grab a chair or bench. Place feet, hip width apart. Move your feet about a foot away from the chair. Dip down and reach you left arm slowly toward the right. Repeat with the other hand. That completes on rep. This move works triceps and shoulders.

Underhand Triceps Press down. Last move, attach tube about eye level or higher. Grip handles while keeping upper arm still. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. And extend your hands past your outer thighs at your sides. Hold for one count and raise back to chest level and repeat.

As you can see, these moves can help bring out those sexy shoulders.