Wood and Other Materials Used in Dollhouse Furniture

Dollhouse  materials  that you can use in your dollhouse to coordinate  colors , shapes and sizes. There is a great variety to add to the essentials of great hobby making, and you will love getting your hands into some great  color  and  material  combinations.

Mahogany  Material 

Mahogany wood is ideal for dollhouse furniture because it is dense and strong enough to resist most playtime scratches. It is by far the most popular type of wood for dollhouse furniture because of its natural beauty. To be honest, no dollhouse feels complete without a bit of mahogany to add a collectors feel to it. Perhaps mahogany is so sought after is due to the romantic feel, in fact most Victorian dollhouse pieces are made from its wood

Walnut  Material  for Dollhouse Furniture

Where many trees grow fast and tall walnut wood grows slow and firm. Its grain and color are very traditional and fit very comfortable in any dollhouse. Walnut wood is optimal for kitchen sets and bedroom dollhouse sets. Walnut’s characteristics also lend themselves well to dollhouse furniture because of its durable scratch resistant nature.

Oak  Material  with Dollhouses

Oak wood has a very fine grain that lends itself to a more realistic piece of dollhouse furniture. It has a lighter hue and would fit fine in any traditional dollhouse. The lighter color fits well as a great color accent to fabric dollhouse pieces like sofas and chairs. In any case oak will fit with any type of style, and can even be seen as an offset to other types of wood.

Dollhouse Furniture  material : Pecan

Pecans are tasty, but did you know that the wood is ideal? This type of wood is growing in miniatures and will soon, if it has not already be the dominate type of wood for dollhouse furniture. It has a soft look similar to walnut or oak, yet it is a hardier  material . This strength is why it is becoming a more reliable option for modern furniture or home flooring options. We recommend putting this furniture in any style home including modern or Victorian.

Maple  Material  with Dollhouses

Though it is not as popular as mahogany, or oak, maple still provides a great creamy or even reddish brown look to your dollhouse furniture. Maple is an extremely dense wood that is used on many indoor courts including professional basketball quarts. If you are worried about scratches rest assured that maple can take them better than even mahogany. Maple is also very versatile and could be placed in any style of dollhouses.

Using Wire with Dollhouse Furniture

Would you like a very detailed piece of dollhouse furniture? Choosing a wire  material  means that the craftsman has greater flexibility to do what normal wood could not. Wire lends itself so easily to miniature design that you will notice greater detail and miniature replication. Wire is most commonly found in wicker furniture, furniture accessories, or in outdoor dollhouse furniture.

Dollhouse Furniture: Wicker

When you really want to have some detail in your dollhouse it is time to consider wicker furniture. It is the result of interlacing branch, wire, vine, or bamboo around a furniture frame. Most wicker furniture is made with wire, but there are some very ornament pieces put together with fine strips of wood. You will see wicker appear most commonly in the kitchen or outdoor sets.

Porcelain Dollhouse Furniture

What comes to mind when you think of porcelain? The simple truth is china, and the reason is that porcelain was first discovered around the 600s in china. It has been the  material  of choice for plates, potter, dishes, and “china”. It has also worked its way into dollhouse furniture beautifully. You will see most bathroom sets are made from porcelain creating a beautiful white, glazed color.

Dollhouse Furniture  Material : Poly-resin

One of the newest  materials  to hit the miniature market is poly-resin. Ploy-resin is exactly what is says that it is – a blended  material  of polyester and resin, and works quite well in modeling. By using poly-resin with your dollhouse furniture you will get a very solid detail without having to worry about fabric or color fading.

Picking Dollhouse Metal Furniture

Metal is a great dollhouse furniture medium that can bring some realistic qualities to specific dollhouse pieces. Dollhouse barbecues are an excellent demonstration of fun metalworking in this hobby; I mean what doll could resist getting the ol’ burgers on the grill. Outdoors is not the only place to find metal  material  for a dollhouse, you will also see it in the electrical work, and laundry room.