Wood Can Make Fine Jewelry

Who would have thought that natural materials like rocks, native string and woods would be used for jewelry today? Way back centuries years ago, our natives used to have body accessories made of these native materials. Aside from shells found in rivers and seas, wood was also abundant during this period.

Wearing jewelry can improve one's personality, self esteem and general positivity. The evolution of gold, silver and metals used as a material for jewelry completely engulfed the needs of the people and native jewelry somewhat vanished due to lack of expert hands to craft natural products. Now, experts have discovered a way to surpass the struggle and can now produce wooden jewelry and make them into fine pieces.

Wooden jewelry can be mixed with glass, plastics, beads and other affordable materials, shaped and painted to produce fabulous fashion styles. We owe these fashions to the expertise of jewelry companies and homemakers.

Among these wooden jewelry types are wooden bracelets having a floret design, made of beads and glass; flowered wooden dress clips; wooden beaded pins; multi-colored wooden coin purses; wooden beads and leaves necklace and wooden brooches. Native jewelers designed and handcrafted this wood jewelry and other accessories using sometimes laminated materials in various color integrations and mixed-up. Synthetic gemstones and light weight jewelry combined with woods are made for many people.

You may worry about the durability of this craftsmanship but jewelers provide excellent value guarantees and offer superior quality – provided you choose carefully.

Bracelets are composed of laminated pieces of wood, handcrafted and mixed with beads and gemstones, wired with 14 karat wire and clasped with sterling silver or gold plated material. Other wood jewelry is made of colorful veneers, laminated dangles made of woods and wooden beads. Small and large hair barrettes are sometimes made of French back designs.

Wood can also be useful in making hair sticks. Laminated colored veneered hair sticks provide durability and strength. They can be purchased individually. You can create many versions of hairstyles out of a single hair stick.

As with other jewelry, these superior handmade wood jewelry types are ideal for anniversaries and birthdays.