Wood Craft Supplies For Beginners

If you are in need of a group project for a kids club and would like to teach basic wood crafting skills, consider a simple birdhouse or shelf. For projects this size, the wood craft supplies can be fairly cost effective, especially if you are willing to use scrap lumber and borrowed power tools. Many people are more than willing to donate or offer use of tools and supplies, you may even get volunteers to help with teaching. Even so, you will still need to buy a few essential wood craft supplies. Check funds from your clubs treasury and make a list.

Purchased Wood Craft Supplies

Sandpaper-No matter what project you are undertaking, you will need sandpaper to eliminate cut and splintered ends and to smooth surfaces. Sand paper comes in many grits, you will need an assortment of all kinds.

Wood screws and nails-It just would not be wood working without drilling or hammering. Purchase wood screws and nails that are long enough to attach your wood together.

Wood glue-Applying wood glue to joints before attaching with wood screws and nails will insure a long lasting bond. Once the glue has been applied and the joints put together, wipe off any excess glue that has squeezed out. Wood glue does not dry clear.

Paint and stain-Small bottles of paint can be purchased at craft stores or hardware stores. Clear spray sealer is a wonderful finish to apply to a birdhouse, after it has been completed, to seal the paint from the weather.

Borrowed Wood Craft Supplies

Jig saw-This saw is a versatile tool for woodworking. It can cut dowels to size or cut simple shapes that have been drawn out on wood.

Power drill and bits-Drilling a pilot hole before adding a wood screw will eliminate splitting. Use a drill bit to drill the hole, change to a screwdriver bit and attach the screws.

Miter saw-A chop saw is perfect for cutting straight cuts on narrow boards and, as the name implies, mitering angles.

Sander-An electric sander will give faster results than sanding by hand, which can overwhelm some wood crafters. Some electric sanders are even small enough to reach tight corners.

Clamps-A third hand is always nice when woodworking. Clamp wood to aid while cutting, drilling or to hold glued pieces together while glue is drying.

Measuring tape-There is an old saying, “Measure twice-cut once”. Enough said.

Goggles-Eye protection is a necessity for all aspects of woodworking. If you can’t see your project when you are finished with it, it wasn’t worth doing.

Note: Never allow children to handle power tools of any kind without constant, hands on, adult supervision.

The Internet is full of simple wood craft patterns that are free to download and copy. Consider designing your own if you can’t find what you need or want. Visit your local library for an abundance of books on the subject or scan the magazines at your local supermarket for wood craft topics.

Wood crafting can instill a life long skill and interest in a child and years of accumulating his or her own wood craft supplies.