Wood Floor Lacquer – Important Detail About This Versatile Wood Finish

It is well-publicized that different wood finishes can completely alter the look of a restored wood floor. When considering a wood finish, individuals often just think that this means a layer of protection over natural wood. The fact is that wax, oils, stains and other products can produce vastly different aesthetic appearance to floors that have been sanded.

Wood lacquer is well-known to be a versatile product that can withstand heavy use. This means that it is both a reliable product for domestic and commercial concessions. It may be that you are looking for a finish to apply to a busy area of ​​your home or that a hard-wearing finish is needed for your business property.

Modern wood lacquers are available in a blend of different product formulas. They are mainly separated by the way in which they are applied to the floor boards. This may be done with a faster-drying product or a slower-drying alternative.

Wood floor lacquers also offer a range of other interesting elements such as the fact that a lacquer will not alter the colouration of the wood boards. Whilst there is no alteration of color, the product will work to intensify the grain pattern of the floor.

Another reason as to why this is such a popular product is the fact that once it has been applied and thoroughly dried, the finish is extremely hard-wearing and scratch-resistant. This is often an element that individuals demand as they wish to receive value for money with a floor that remains looking at its best for longer.

Another detail with regards to this product is the fact that application demands experience to enable an even finish. Inexperienced individuals looking to apply this finish can often leave areas that are uneven and blotchy. On a restored floor, any areas like this will stand out like a sore thumb. However, thinking at it from another angle, an even finished floor will look strikingly beautiful.

The final detail to consider is that floor lacquers are well-suited to domestic and commercial settings alike. The above details briefly outline the reasons why this product has stood the test of time and continues to be thought after during the floor restoration process.

It is important that the wood floor is left for sufficient time to dry thoroughly. By walking on the lacquer prior to it being completely treated could damage the surface. Furniture should also not be returned until absolutely certain that the floor is dry.

Highly-experienced floor sanders will offer information and detail about wood lacquers and other products that may compliment this finish. Wood lacquers are fascinating and can produce a floor that not only looks great but it will remain looking that way for as long as possible, providing true value for money.