Wood Flooring – Offering Lots of Options for Your Floor

You might find installing solid wood flooring it can give your abode warmth and lasts for a long time, needing only to be sanded and refinished when looking worn and dull. Though quite costly and hard to install, it adds to the intrinsic value of your home and will be a value-added feature whenever you decide to sell.

Exotic Wood

As the name suggests, these flooring were imported from different parts of the world and provide unique touches to whatever rooms you install it in. However, expect that they will cost more than the usually available hardwood species in the United States. One of the most popular and in demand exotic flooring nowadays is Brazilian cherry, which is mostly found in large houses and mansions. In terms of exotic wood products, apart from their unusual beauty, exotic hardwood floors are also known for their hardness with some products considered harder than their domestic counterparts, something that you can take advantage of especially if you have a growing family with small children and pets.

Engineered Wood

Another option you could consider is installing engineered wood flooring in some parts of your house. Engineered wood is actually composed of layered plywood with a thin wood veneer at the top. This type of flooring is suitable in places where solid hardwood flooring is not practical, such as in your basement and concrete foundation. Most engineered hardwood floors are pre-finished and possess quite beautiful finishes, which is one reason why some high-quality ones cost quite the same as solid hardwood flooring.

When installing engineered wood, you have the option of using the staple down method or the glue down method. Staple down method is ideal when installing over a wood subfloor. The glue down method is best used when the engineered floor is being laid over a concrete subfloor or foundation.

Marked Wood

If you have heard of hand-scraped wood, you will also find that a lot of homeowners are increasingly patronizing this type of wood flooring. One of the features of hand scraped wood that you can immediately see is that it resembles reclaimed or antique wood, a look painstakingly achieved with the use of scraping tools. It is more expensive due to the labor involved in making the flooring material. A less expensive option is available termed distressed wood floor. The markings done on this type of flooring are done mechanically.