Wood Frame Greenhouse Plans, Styles, and Designs

Greenhouses can be built from all kinds of materials. Some of the more common ones are PVC, metal, and wood. By far the easiest to work with, and most attractive, is wood. There are also multiple styles of greenhouses to choose from. This article outlines these styles, as well as the best wood frame greenhouse plans available.

The Best Type Of Wood

First of all, there is quite a selection of woods available to you. Treated pine is by far the cheapest and most common. Unlike other non-treated species, it is water resistant, and won’t rot. However, for a more upmarket look you could go for something like cedar. This species is naturally water proof, and simply won’t rot. This eliminates the need for chemically treated lumber. You’ll need to use this kind of wood if you’re looking to grow organic produce.

Small, Mid-sized, Or Large?

It’s obvious that not all growers require a massive greenhouse. Naturally, there are many sizes in which wood frame greenhouse plans come. Why build a huge walk-in construction when you really only need a small, cage-like greenhouse?

You’ve got a few options here, including:

– The tall, refrigerator-like greenhouse, complete with growing racks.
– The small, portable “hot bed” style greenhouse.
– The lean-to greenhouse, which can be built against your house, shed, or fence.
– The large, arch-shaped greenhouse that is surprisingly cheap to build.
– The premium, Victorian-style greenhouse, which is as amazing as it sounds!

As you can see, you really need to put a lot of thought into the size, and style of your greenhouse. Don’t be scared though, all can be built cheaply, and you don’t require too much woodworking experience, if at all.

Getting Cheap Lumber

We all like inexpensive things. Lumber can usually be obtained free, or very cheap from neighbors, friends, and/or family. Most of us have a crazy uncle with a big scrap heap in his backyard. Look for things like old furniture. Also, if you decide to build one of the larger greenhouse designs, you may qualify for a discount from your local lumber yard.