Wood Pellet Stoves and Furnaces – Made in Italy

The Italians are known for making a great looking and efficient wood pellet stove. These stove alternatives to gas furnaces and traditional heating methods are eco-friendly and produce heat and energy at a rapid rate. Wood pellets are simply the unused wood from sawmills (sawdust) and are pressed into pellets under pressure. These pellets are tiny, weigh less and are easier to transport than firewood.

Consumers looking to purchase a wood pellet stove will find many different types and designs from Italy, the United States, Canada and Great Britain. Italians are known for their sleek and modern designs, some of which aren’t even available in the United States.

MCZ wood pellet stoves have been acclaimed for their super sleek design and modern and contemporary looks. They have stand alone and built in models. The Panorama style is the stand alone model with an elegant structure that fits nicely into any living space. It can run for at least 12 hours on medium power heating and it uses pellets with the MCZ’s “Active System” that determines intuitively how much air should be used for combustion. The MCZ Panorama is easily maintained through its removable side panels. The Panorama can be built into a number of different MCZ models depending on what type of look fits your living space.

EdilKamin is also a well known Italian wood stove manufacturer. They have more than 25 different models ranging in all different styles and designs. They are made with ceramic, ollite and steel coverings. EdiKamin’s designs can be programmed remotely and have very little smoke discharge which can be transferred through a wall, making a chimney unnecessary, though you can also chose a natural exhaust discharge. Some of their models are quite small at less than 50 centimeters wide and 80 centimeters tall.

Not only do some of the wood and pellet burning stoves heat more than one room and use less energy, some are designed to heat water for use in the home. Clam, another Italian manufacturer, has a stove design that uses the heat from the combustion to heat water through a hydraulic system. This multi-purpose design is considered very energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Similar to the Panorama box that MCZ offers, Palazzetti produces a box-like model that is multi-purpose like the MCZ product, which can heat more than one room and be modified to fit your décor. Palazetti has a wide variety of stoves, both wood burning and wood pellet, some of which have a more traditional, larger design. Some of their larger products can heat an entire house with the right ventilation, or there are smaller box style models for smaller spaces. Nordica Extraflame is also widely known for its ultra sophisticated and eco-friendly wood and pellet burning stoves. Their styles are designed with hip colors like red and black that are small enough to fit into a corner or your living space.

Italian wood pellet stoves are known as some of the best in the market due to their eco-friendly aspects and sleek design. Many consumers have opted to import these high-producing and great looking designs for their homes.