Wood Puzzles

Kids never seem to tire of playing with wood puzzles over and over. Children just love bold, colorful images of animal puzzles.

You can make your own scroll saw puzzles with just a little imagination. Find a picture of animals (coloring books are a great source) and make your own pattern. Trace the pattern and then decide where you want the cuts for the puzzle. The cuts all depend on the child. For a very young child you would make bigger pieces and for an older child you can make the puzzle more difficult.


  • 3/4 "Pine or Basswood
  • Sealer-primer
  • Paint-enamel acrylic latex
  • Paint pens
  • Sandpaper-fine
  • Spray on adhesive or rubber cement

Tools you will need

  • Scroll saw or coping saw
  • # 9 saw blade
  • Power sander (but not necessary)
  • Paint brushes, either foam or bristle


Use a power sander or hand sand the wood on both sides. Make a copy of the pattern and glue it onto the wood with a spray adhesive or else rubber cement. I prefer to use the rubber cement because it works best for me.Cut the outside lines of the pattern with the # 9 blade. Next, cut the individual pieces by cutting on the inside lines that you made. Remove the pattern and sand the individual pieces with the fine sandpaper. After the wood is very smooth, apply the sealer primer. When the sealer is dry, apply 2 coats of enamel, letting it dry between coats. Be careful that you do not get to much paint where the pieces fit together. Make the eyes with the paint pen and then you are done.These are great gifts for children and they are also very good sellers at craft shows.