Wood Stove Accessories For Your Home

Wood  stoves  are not just an appliance; they are also a way to add beauty and charm to a home, along with the savings in fuel costs.  And with the appropriate accessories you can get a lot more out of your wood  stove  than you probably thought you could.  Here is a short review of a few of the most popular wood  stove  accessories and how they can be used to make your wood  stove  an even more valuable addition to your home.

Wood  Stove  Accessories

Fans can be an attractive and practical accessory for a wood  stove .  Circulating fans help transfer the warm air from the  stove  throughout the room.  There are also doorway fans that move the heat into other rooms and fans that are built to fit into existing ducts to spread the heat all throughout the home.

Modern homes are more air-tight than ever, which can cause problems with a wood  stove’s  drafting.  This keeps it from drawing sufficient air from the home to burn efficiently and can also create excessive smoking.  Air supply ventilators resolve this problem and can be installed through an outside wall.  Because they take advantage of the negative air pressure inside today’s tight homes there is no power source required.  The improved draft means more efficient burning.

There are also electrically operated Draft Inducers which are helpful in increasing the air flow up a chimney.  This increases the negative pressure (draft) in the  stove  and prevents smoke from leaking.

Heat from a wood  stove  can cause the air in your home to dry out. Wood  stove  kettles are a simple way to humidify a room and as an added bonus, they can be used as a decorative element.  All you have to do is fill them with water and place them on the wood  stove .  I suggest the porcelain coated kettles that won’t rust on the inside

Wood  stove  steamers can also be used to humidify the air and by adding potpourri to the water you can fill your home with the necessary humidity and a nice fragrance.

Trivets are durable cast iron hot plates.  They are very decorative and can be used to protect the top of your  stove  from getting rust spots from a kettle or steamer.  They also keep kettles or cooking pots from getting too hot.

A wood  stove  thermometer will help you make sure your fireplace is burning at highest efficiency.  This saves on the cost of wood, reduces maintenance and improves safety.  Wood  stove  thermometers usually attach to the stovepipe magnetically or by drilling a small hole in the  stove  pipe.

If your wood  stove  is not sitting on a fire proof floor, you can use a hearth pad to provide the necessary fire proof protection between a wood  stove  and the flooring.

 Stove  pipe shams can turn your plain  stove  pipe into a wonderful accent piece.  Stove  pipe shams are designed to dress up your plain old black  stove  pipe and add a touch of color.  Shams are easy to install and there is no need to disconnect or remove the pipe.

Many high temperature paints are available for touching up, renewing, and protecting the finish on steel or cast-iron wood  stoves .  These paints resist peeling and blistering when subjected to high temperatures.  There are also high temperature polishes available to make your wood  stove  black and shiny.

Properly installed gaskets greatly improve the efficiency of a wood  stove  and help keep  stove  glass cleaner.  These usually last a long time, but if your  stoves  gaskets have worn out there are kits available to replace old gaskets and return your  stove  to peak efficiency.