Wood Stove Parts

If you are planning to purchase a wood burning stove, you want to ensure that wood stove parts are available for the make and model you are considering. While wood stoves are by no means fragile, being quite sturdy and long-lasting, over time and repeated use, you may find that a part wears out or needs to be replaced. You may also find you wish to add a stove accessory which you did not opt ​​to buy at the time of your initial purchase. Availability of wood stove parts becomes very important in these situations.

Most stove manufacturers provide any wood burning stove parts you might possibly need to repair or upgrade your stove. Be careful, however, because parts for stoves are made for and sized for a very specific model of stove. They are not often interchangeable. You need to know that you will be able to obtain parts well into the future before you purchase any wood stove.

Wood burning stove parts which may requirement replacement after long use include: handles, hinges, knobs, cooking grates, door glass, legs, ash bin, automatic fire starter (if applicable), stove pipes, chimney cap, brackets and even doors.

Today, there are multifuel stoves in service which have been operating for decades – and in some cases for more than a century. There is no reason that your purchase can not be incredibly long lasting. Should a part wear lightly, it is a good idea to replace that part right away rather than waiting because one part could rub against another, resulting in the need to replace more parts than if the single part were replaced promptly.

Inquire about replacement stove parts before you purchase your wood burning stove or wood stove insert. There should be a catalog, online resource, toll free phone number or other means of contacting the manufacturer or an authorized aftermarket manufacturer that can help you ensure you stove enjoys a long, useful life.