Wood Stove Vs Pellet Stove

The wood stove vs pellet stove debate has been going on ever since pellet stoves started becoming popular. Both traditional wood and pellet stoves have become popular but which one is the best?

There are great advantages to both. Both provide the comfort of wood heat that is not matched by any other heat source. Unlike other heat sources they utilize a renewable domestic source of fuel that are often made locally and support local communities.

Traditional wood heat has the benefit of burning a fuel that is easy to produce. Anyone with a saw and access to trees, logs or any form of wood can make their own fuel. If you can get the material free all your heating needs can cost you nothing but the effort and expense of processing the wood.

There are disadvantages to firewood, it can be messy and it’s a constant job keeping fuel on the fire. Someone needs to be around to keep wood on the fire or it will burn out. This can be a problem at night when people are sleeping or when they are away from home.

Pellets aren’t as easy and take more expensive equipment to make so most people have to purchase them but wood pellets are still more cost effective than most traditional forms of heat.

With pellets you get the comfort of wood heat and the convenience of traditional sources of heat. Pellets stoves are thermostatically controlled and feed themselves automatically. They will continue to maintain your home at your desired temperature even while you are away.

Pellet stoves are clean burning and they don’t require a chimney. A simple exhaust vent makes them easier and less expensive to install than a wood stove. They burn more efficiently and produce more heat with less fuel.

A disadvantage of pellet stoves is they require electricity to operate. They don’t consume much electric power but this can be a problem in a power failure. This can be solved with a battery backup.

The debate of wood stove vs pellet stove all comes down to what your preference and needs are. If the low cost of producing your own firewood appeals to you then a wood stove may be the best choice. If you have to buy your fuel and appreciate convenience then a pellet stove may be the right choice.