Wooden Covered Wagon Plans – How to Build Your Own Wagon

Covered wagon makes a good transportation for crops. Small wonder why it is a nifty structure to have around in the farm. And it can be easily done too. If you have the time and inclination, you’ll just need wooden covered wagon plans and you’ll be set to start this project.

I have preference for the use of wood for this project for the simple reason that I find it easier to handle wood compared to other type of materials. Furthermore, wood offers a level of durability while remaining light weight.

If you’ve decided in building your own wagon using wood, here are a couple of things you need to consider and plan for:

Dimension of the Wagon

Way before you’re going to buy the materials you will be using for this project, yo need to determine the exact size of your wagon. The amount of materials needed depends on this one factor.

To get to a preferable size for your wagon, you need to consider its main purpose. You need to consider aspects like the type of items frequently loaded in the wagon as well as its quantity.

A typical wagon of this kind would measure 4 feet wide and 12 feet in length. It is entirely up to you to decide if this dimension suits your purposes as well.


There are several materials you will need to prepare for this project. Now, the plan you will be using may have indicated its own list of materials, but usually, the most common materials used for this project are: wooden beams and planks, wheels, wooden pole, iron braces, nails, bolts, canvas, 2 axles and wooden lathes.

For the wheel, you have the option of buying or making your own. Since in my own experience, the wheel seems to be the most complex part of wagon building, I strongly suggest that you buy a ready made one. Also, be sure that the wheel is secured safely into the body of the wagon.

Wooden Covered Wagon Plans

True enough, you may have to invest time and effort in this project. However, if you have very good wooden covered plans to guide you for this project, you won’t have to go through unnecessary glitches. And thus, construction wouldn’t take overly long time.

To ensure that you use top notch blueprints, you have to opt for plans with excellent and easy to understand instruction. Add to that a complementary detailed working diagram and you can be sure to finish the whole thing in the least time possible.