Wooden Hutches For Giant Rabbits – The Essentials

There are some key things that you should consider when choosing a hutch for your large or giant rabbit such as the British and Continental Giant. These Giant breeds originated from the war years as a source of food but found their way into the hearts of pet lovers everywhere. Today, the giant rabbit is often bread as a show rabbit and there are many organizations across the country that pride themselves of maintaining the breed line and distinct characteristics of the giant.

Giant Rabbit Hutches Traditionally giant rabbits are kept in wood hutches but care must be taken to provide a size of wooden hutch that is appropriate to the much larger size of the rabbit. There should be two distinct and separate compartments to the hutch. At one end for sleeping and the other for living. The living end should have a wire mesh frontage to allow plenty of ventilation. If your hutch is outside there should be an overhang to the roof. A waterproof sheet or tarpaulin should be used to cover the front of the hutch in bad weather, for example in driving rain.

Giant Rabbit runs Your giant rabbit will require plenty of exercise to stretch its legs. Provide it with a sturdy run which is securely fastened to the ground with tent pegs. You should keep an eye on your rabbit as it will attempt to burrow out, and secure an area of ​​garden that is safe for your rabbit away from plants that are poisonous.

Make sure that the sides of the run enclosure are high enough for the rabbit to hop around. If there are no lids on the roof of the run make sure the rabbit is not able to jump over the sides. It is not impossible for a giant rabbit to clear three feet in a jump.

Rabbit bedding For bedding it is not a bad idea to use wood shavings and a mixture of hay and barley straw. However alternatives such as shredded paper and sawdust will do. Buying bedding from the pet shop can be expensive and it is well worth trying alternative suppliers such as farm stores. Wood mills are a good source of materials if you know of one locally. Remember. The hutch needs to be cleaned out regularly and the use of disinfectant will help to maintain hutch hygiene.

Large rabbit hutch sizes Choose a large enough hutch to provide adequate space for your rabbit to move about. The larger the better however a measure of this can be to allow the rabbit to be able to make three hops inside the hutch.