Wooden Window Timber Species

Timber is the traditional material of choice for window products. Various species of timber are readily available on today’s market for wooden window products. The availability of these species provides the consumer with a wide choice of options to help and create the ultimate product that best suits their needs.

When talking about timber species on wooden windows, you can summarise all available materials into two categories; ‘hardwoods’ and ‘softwoods’. These two categories could be further split into ‘engineered’ and ‘natural’ categories.

Hardwoods such as Sapele and European Oak are commonly used on wooden window products. Their increased weight over softwoods results in a more structural product. Softwoods such as European Redwood and Larch are also widely used for the manufacture of timber windows. Although these timbers weight significantly less than hardwood alternatives, they are able to offer a good durability rating, Engineered timbers are timbers that have been cut and glued together to provide increased durability. Engineered timbers make use of technology to create some of the most durable timbers available today.

For consumers who are concerned about the environment and sustainability, some manufacturers may provide timbers that have been sourced from a certified supplier or supply chain. Certifications such as ‘PEFC’, ‘FSC’ and ‘Verified Progress’ are the most popular and easily recognised by the consumer.

Selecting the appropriate species for your timber windows is not the only step in achieving a highly durable solution. The methods use to finish the timber are highly important and should be researched fully before any investment. Some manufacturers are able to provide a 3 part finishing process which provides a high performance seal across the face and joints of the timber whilst allowing key areas of the timber the ability to breathe. Paints and stains can then be used to provide the aesthetics required on your wooden window products.