WordPress – Using Text Files Instead of Document Files For Your Post

Are you having difficulty getting your article to look the way you want in WordPress? Do you spend time adding special characters and then see them disappear when you copy and paste into WordPress as your post?

WordPress has made it very easy to type information for your blog so that does not happen. Through the Administration Panel (Dashboard), you simply click on “posts” and then “new” and a blank post comes up on your screen. From this point you can begin typing using the Visual mode for a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) article.

The problem with using MS Word is that it actually embeds coding within your text so that what you see is NOT always what you get. For example, you may have formatted your Word document to create a list separated at the right line spacing and then used the indent just enough with a flushed indentation for overflow. When you paste this into WordPress, all your formatting will disappear and you will end up with something that does not look like you expected.

One way around using MS Word is to use the “paste as plain text” icon in WordPress. Posting your article through this application strips the embedded codes from your inserted text. Then you can use the icons and features available on WordPress to create the right look for your document.

But why would you waste time doing that? The easiest way is to simply type directly into WordPress. If you do not finish your article or want to work on several at one time, you can easily save them in “draft” form. You can then access them from the “posts,” “edit” on your Dashboard. This will really save you time in the end.

WordPress offers a preview key so that you are able to see what your document will look like when it actually posts to your site. This is a great tool so that you can check your document to make sure it is just right before it publishes to the public. Just make sure you click the “Update Post” button before you go to the Preview.

The best way to avoid formatting errors is to create your post directly into WordPress on the “add new post” page. Second is to write your post on a text editor or notepad that uses txt. files. This will easily paste into WordPress. You can also use the icon to paste as plain text. Stay away from creating your documents in a word processing program. The embedded text changes what you see when you enter it as a post and adds time to your writing.