Words to Say to Attract Him! Here Are the Magic Words Which Will Get Any Man Attracted to You Fast

Hate the idea of saying the wrong thing and putting him off? Well not everyone has the gift of the gab and most often a woman can find herself dumb struck in the company of the guy she’s attracted to. These tips will help you to attract your man by saying the right thing.

Never be negative

If you are negative in your approach and behavior you will never attract any guy. Be positive and confident of yourself. He can’t read your mind so you will have to let him know about how you feel by telling him in words that will please him.

Words can win his heart

Don’t fool yourself into thinking men are not touched to the core by romantic words. Try being romantic and whisper sweet nothings in his ear and before you know it he will be putty in your hands.

Talk sports

This might sound so commonplace but it works! Men adore talking about their favorite sports. They are passionate about it and can actually talk about it for hours. The trouble is that women rarely listen. This is the biggest mistake you can make. Ask him about his favorite sport and he will be attracted to you in a shot.

Flatter him

Compliment him – his style, his looks, his walk – and you have his attention. Discuss his car or bike and you have his heart! Be quick to sense his passion and praise him. Use words appreciating his style and boosting his ego and you will attract him.

Soft spoken words are seductive

Learn to use your voice well and pitch your voice low. Husky whispers can send shivers down his spine. Make him feel really special by singling him out from the crowd and speaking just to him. The fact that you are nearly whispering will get him curious and attracted to you.

A simple hello

Sometimes just a simple hello said at the right time with an accompanying sexy smile will draw his attention to you. Don’t be afraid of being the first one to say hello. Your open and friendly gesture will cause him to automatically respond. Go ahead and try it.

Make your “look” match your “tone”

There is no use making your tone sexy and alluring when you speak if you don’t look as appealing and attractive. The combination of a beautiful and well groomed woman who speaks so seductively will make him sit up and really take notice!